Product Returns and Cancellation

Adam’s Specialty Products, LLC, DBA: Custom Cages (herein referred to as CC) will accept any standard non custom product for a refund of the purchase price of the product within 30 days of the delivery date to the customer, exceptions are noted below. There is a 25% restocking/cancellation fee for canceled, changed, or returned orders once the order is in production for Hybrid, Majestic, Suncatcher, Accessories, or any other item sold on or Once an enclosure is used by any animal it is not refundable for any reason even before the 30 day return policy expires. Once an order is placed and is in production and is cancelled, it is CC’s discretion to refund shipping and handling as well as custom options. Customer is responsible for all packaging, labor, shipping, and custom option costs incurred prior to cancellation in addition to the restocking fee. The dollar amount of these costs is at CC’s discretion to determine. Customer must submit a return authorization form to return any product for refund or exchange. Return authorization forms can be found on the web site, or CC can mail, email, or fax customer the form. CC must have a signed copy (faxed signature is acceptable) before CC will issue a return authorization number. CC will not accept any package without a return authorization number and it must be clearly labeled on the outside of every returned package. Packages without a return authorization number clearly labeled will be refused and returned to sender at sender’s expense. CC does not refund shipping and handling charges under any circumstance. CC is not responsible for arranging for or paying for shipping returns. In no way does late delivery, defective or damaged parts, or any other circumstance make CC responsible for refunding shipping and handling charges or paying for shipping returned items. If any of CC’s various packages are ordered and individual items are returned the customer will be credited the sale price of those items minus the cost savings of the remaining items in the package. Customer will forfeit their package discount when returning part of the order. If free shipping is offered for an ultimate package, Suncatcher cages, U.S. Cages, or any other reason and those items are returned shipping and handling costs will be deducted from the total amount of the return according to CC’s shipping and handling rate chart at the time of purchase, or according to actual shipping, handling, and packaging charges to be determined by CC if they exceed the CC shipping and handling rate chart. Liftgate and unloading service, extra handling, and remote delivery charges are not included in free delivery. If items are shipped via freight, customer must have items delivered to a location with a loading dock, or be at the delivery location at the time of shipment and unload the truck by hand. An extra charge applies if lift gate service is required plus any additional unloading or remote delivery charges. If lift gate or unloading, or remote delivery service is not paid for at the time of purchase and the shipping company retroactively charges Custom Cages for these charges, customer authorizes Custom Cages to charge the customers credit card or invoice them for these additional charges. Liftgate and unloading service includes curbside delivery and does not include moving the products inside the customer’s house or location in any circumstance.

Damaged Delivery / Missing Parts

Customer must claim in writing any damaged done to any product that occurs prior to the customer receiving the product (due to shipping or otherwise) or claim any parts are missing within 48 hours of receiving the product. This claim may be via email to [email protected], surface mail, or fax (920) 273-6106. This claim must include customer name, order number, and date claimed, as well as a digital or analog photo of the damaged item and an inventory of missing parts in writing. It will be at CC’s discretion to determine if the damage was done prior to delivery to the customer to warrant a replacement or repair or if there were parts missing that need to be sent or refunded. It is also CC’s discretion to determine if the customer must return the damaged item before it is replaced or refunded. The postage date on surface mail will be considered date submitted for damage claims. If there is damage done prior to delivery to the customer and CC determines a replacement is warranted CC will send replacement parts via Fed-Ex standard ground service. Faster service will be an additional charge. A damaged or missing part in no way extends our return policy to cover refunding shipping and handling costs or the cost of shipping products back for refund or exchange.

Defects and Damaged Returns

DEFECTIVE AND / OR DAMAGED ITEMS MUST BE RETURNED TO CC AT CUSTOMERS EXPENSE BEFORE ANY REFUND WILL BE GIVEN. Once returns are received by CC they will be inspected for damage or defect. It is at sole the discretion of CC if the parts are damaged or defective and if they warrant a refund or replacement and the amount of the refund or replacement. Acceptance of a return from an outside carrier (i.e. Fed-Ex or UPS) does not mean CC agrees the products are in acceptable condition for a refund or warrant a replacement. Once the packages are opened and inspected, any part in damaged or unacceptable condition will be deducted from the return amount. Cages and accessory items are not necessarily inspected immediately upon receipt and may take up to a couple weeks to complete. Unacceptable or missing cage or accessory items will be deducted from the refund amount at the full retail price. It is solely at CC’s discretion to determine if the parts are in acceptable condition or missing and to determine the rate at which individual parts are deducted. Parts and panel sections will be all or nothing basis, no partial refund will be given for damaged panel assemblies. CC will not refund products damaged due to the customer including but not limited to damage incurred while shipping the product back to CC, products damaged during assembly and/or disassembly, or products damaged by their pet. This is including, but not limited to, damage done to any furniture, including replica cage furniture, by birds or any other animal. Replica furniture may be easily chewed by destructive birds or other destructive animals and may discolor in direct sunlight. CC does not extend any warranty for damage to replica furniture by pets or direct sun or other UV light. It is the customer’s responsibility to properly package and ensure returned packages as well as handle any claim issues regarding damage during the return. CC will not accept returns for used or opened accessory items, unless it is due to a defect with the product. CC may require, at its sole discretion, that the defective product be returned at the customer’s expense to test for a defect. If CC determines the product is defective at its sole discretion CC will refund the shipping charges and replace or refund the product. Some products warranties must be handled directly by the manufacturer and customer must follow manufactures policies for replacing product defects. CC can not refund items that have any type of animal contamination such as, but not limited to, feces or urine. If CC receives returned items with contamination on them the value of the contaminated parts will be deducted from the total dollar amount of the refund. CC’s print material, web site, etc. may differ significantly from actual stain, paint, laminate etc. color results due to variations of wood grain, lighting, etc. It is at CC’s sole discretion to determine if enclosures are within the standard tolerance for color variation or if a replacement or repair must be made with regard to stain color. STAIN OR COLOR MATCHING IS NOT GUARANTEED FOR ANY ENCLOSURE!

Custom and Non Refundable Items

CC does not refund customized or modified cages, accessories, or parts used or unused for any reason. This includes: custom sized cages, any portion of a cage that has custom options installed such as (but not limited to) drilled holes for shelves, cord grommets, vents, wire inserts, panel substitutes, or any other option deviating from the original basic cage configuration. If panels are substituted, the total value of the substituted panel will be subtracted from customer refund amount, not just the amount of the upgrade. All options installed by CC are done by CC’s best judgment with our customer’s preferred positioning in mind. If a customer claims the items were not placed in accordance with their best wishes it is CC’s discretion whether it is an error that merits replacing or if it was done with sound judgment. Any mistake in installation in no way extends our return policy to cover any other provisions such as refunding shipping and handling, backgrounds, or any other provisions that are otherwise not covered. CC does not refund any background images, standard or special order, for any reason. If there are other problems with customer order, CC will address those problems accordingly. Other problems in no way extend our return policy to cover the cost of any background. Once the background order is placed, it can not be canceled. All backgrounds are cropped and sized according to CC’s discretion. Color and resolution may vary depending on individual circumstances. It is at CC’s discretion to determine if a flaw of any kind in a background warrants a replacement or refund. Used enclosures, hoods, stands, accessory items, and custom options are not refundable for any reason.

Terms and Payment

All terms in this return policy are continuous. Customer is bound by these terms for all current and future orders. Payment is due in advanced before any products are produced or shipped. If any extended payment terms are granted or a chargeback is filed with the credit card processor, there will be a 1½% per month service charge for any balance beyond the agreed upon payment date until the payment is received in full, plus a $100 charge for processing the chargeback. All provisions listed in this policy override any other provisions listed in the customer’s purchase order or any other document. This policy shall be construed under the laws of the State of Wisconsin without regarding to its choice of law provisions and the parties agree that any action relating to this policy shall be Instituted and prosecuted in the courts of Winnebago County, Wisconsin and each party waive the right to change of venue. The undersigned customer also agrees if a law suit is brought forth against CC for any reason and no substantial judgment is awarded to the customer, CC is entitled to reimbursement from the customer of any and all legal fees incurred as a result of the lawsuit.

Majestic, Hybrid, Suncatcher, and U.S. Cage Guarantee: Custom Cages (CC) Guarantees Majestic, Hybrid, Suncatcher, U. S. Cage Enclosures for a period of one year, starting on the date the customer receives their enclosure against defects resulting from faulty material or workmanship. CC will at its option, either replace or repair the defective product. After the specified period, repair charges will be the customer’s responsibility. The customer must report to CC within 48 hours of noticing the problem as to prevent further damage to the enclosure. If it is determined that a problem has developed and was not addressed in a timely fashion (within 48 hours) as to prevent further damage to the enclosure, this guarantee may be null and void at CC’s discretion. This guarantee does not cover any damages due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, or failure to follow these instructions. CC does not guarantee, or make claim to the amount of time it may take a customer to assemble any enclosure. Assembly time varies for every enclosure and every skill level. Majestic Enclosures Only: The customer must fill out and return to CC a Certificate of Guarantee Application within 10 days of receiving their enclosure. At that time, CC will issue an official Certificate of Guarantee. Custom Cages (CC) Guarantees Majestic Enclosures against chewing of the wood from the inside of the cage for the life of the cage as described in the original Certificate of Guarantee Application for the intended use as described in the Certificate of Guarantee Application. If it is determined by CC that there has been damage caused to the wood frame due to chewing from the inside, the customer may return the affected parts to CC at the customer’s expense. CC will either repair or replace the parts affected and return them to the customer at the cost of CC. If CC decides not to replace the affected parts, CC has the option to pay to return the cage to CC in its entirety and issue either a credit or refund rather than repair the cage. No credit or refund will be given until the cage is received in its entirety by CC with full cooperation by the customer. It is up to the discretion of CC to determine if the panel was damaged due to a bird chewing the wood from the inside. Suncatcher and U.S. Cages Only: Custom Cages (CC) Guarantees Suncatcher and U.S. Cages against broken welds due to normal pet animal use for a period of one (1) year from the date the customer receives the product. Any cage with a wire diameter smaller than 8 gauge is not Guaranteed for Hyacinth Macaws, Moluccan Cockatoos, and Greenwing Macaws. If a customer has a broken weld they must return that portion of the enclosure to CC at customer’s expense. CC will refund, repair or replace (at CC’s discretion) that portion of the enclosure and return to customer at customer’s expense. CC does not guarantee any Suncatcher or U.S. Cage against surface blemishes due to shipping, rusting or corroding, or fading for any period of time. If the customer receives the enclosure with surface blemishes due to shipping prior to delivery to customer, CC will furnish or issue a credit towards touch up paint to the customer as well as materials for preparing the surface to accept the paint. If it is determined by CC at CC’s sole discretion that surface blemishes are not minor or easily repairable by the customer, Customer must return the damaged part to CC at CC’s expense (CC will arrange for the return for the part) and CC will repair or replace the part at CC’s expense and return to the customer at CC’s expense. If customer sends defective or damaged parts to CC in any way other than CC’s preferred shipping carrier arranged by CC, CC is not responsible for paying for the shipping charges. If surface blemishes are caused by the customer or their pet (at CC’s discretion to determine), and was not on product prior to delivery to the customer it is not covered under this warranty.

Notice: It is the customer’s responsibility to evaluate their enclosure for the safety, security, and well being of their animal. We are not responsible for animals escaping or any consequences resulting from any such incident. We are not responsible for any violation of the law due to housing of illegal animals. We are not responsible for fire danger associated with any products. Follow all manufacturers’ guidelines and ratings when using any such lighting or heating products. All heating or lighting elements are installed at customer’s own risk. Be sure to use appropriate power cords and outlets with any lighting and heating fixtures. Contact the manufacture of the fixture if you are unsure of proper power cord requirements. Custom Cages is a business unit of Adam’s Specialty Products, LLC.

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