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Savannah Monitor Enclosure

The savannah monitor lizard is one of the mid-sized lizards. Generally speaking it grows to 3-4 feet in length. But beware! This species has been known to reach a length of nine feet. This is important to understand when selecting a savannah monitor enclosure or skink cage. Even a hatchling needs a good-sized savannah monitor cage or skink cage. Finding a savannah monitor enclosure that is large enough to house your pet can be difficult. Unfortunately many pet shops simply do not carry a large skink cage or savannah monitor cage. So you may have to look really hard, unless you decide to purchase a savannah monitor enclosure or tegu cage over the internet.

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The Easiest Way to Purchase a Savannah Monitor Enclosure

The fastest way to cut your research and surfing in half is to simply go to We offer every type of savannah monitor cage and tegu cage on the market. You’re sure to find something that catches your eye. You can even buy a gigantic savannah monitor enclosure or skink cage. At Cages by Design, we are a custom cage manufacturer. This means we build each savannah monitor cage or tegu cage to your specifications. You’re not stuck with a prebuilt model. You have options—and a lot of them. We can build a savannah monitor enclosure as large as you want. You also have a say in the type of wood we use for the frame. You can even choose the paneling you prefer. We’re all about options. And we’re here to make sure you get what you want.

But here’s the icing on the cake. Not only can you choose the size, color and paneling for your skink cage or tegu cage, you can also add decorative features to enhance the appearance of your savannah monitor enclosure. You can request decorative legs, a hood, or stand. If you want a tegu cage or savannah monitor cage that also serves as a coffee table or in-table, we can do that too!