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In our modern society, many cats live a life of comfort and ease. Their cat kennels contain a bowl that is always overflowing with food. They receive plenty of treats, a cozy outdoor cat bed and an ample supply of snacks. All your cat has to do is soak up the sun in his cat kennels and occasionally wander over to his cat scratching post to sharpen his claws. Unfortunately this type of spoiling has led to a health crisis among cats—feline obesity. If all your cat does is lie in his outdoor cat cage nibbling on snacks all day, he will naturally gain weight and lose muscle tone.

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Cats are designed to be active. They need to pounce, run, chase, and swat. If your cats have outdoor cat cages or cat kennels, they should already have plenty of space to engage in these types of exercises. All they need is a little encouragement from you. It doesn’t have to be complicated—it just takes a little bit of effort.

Using the Cat Scratching Post for Exercise

If your cat enjoys his cat scratching post, you already have a start in encouraging him to exercise. Most cats enjoy scratching. It keeps their nails trim and utilizes their muscles. To encourage your cat to spend more time with his cat scratching post, consider purchasing several of them. Each cat scratching post should be a different texture so as to hold your pet’s attention. For example, you may want to purchase one cat scratching post that is carpeted. Your pet will enjoy the course surface. A second cat scratching post could be made from wood and a third from leather. These various textures will keep your pet engaged and encourage him to build increased muscle tone through regular use.

You may also want to place some cat condos in your cat kennels or outdoor cat cage. Try to find cat condos that are several stories high, as this will encourage your pet to climb and jump. You may have to coax your portly cat to engage in climbing activities, but sooner or later he will catch on. You can also purchase several toys for your cat kennels or outdoor cat cages. Stuffed mice or other items may stimulate your pet’s curiosity, encouraging him to pounce and toss his play items. All of these activities are extremely healthy for your cat and will help him lose weight.

In addition to providing your pet with a cat scratching post and cat toys, you will also need to put him on a diet. Instead of continually refilling the food bowl in your outdoor cat cages, give him the recommended portion only. No more and no less. You may also want to purchase a weight-management formula as it has less calories. Supplementing dry food with wet is also beneficial. Wet food is 75% water so it has less calories but is still filling.