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Snake Cages

If you’re a breeder, hobbyists or retail owner, you need a number of snake cages to house your collection of reptiles. After all, it is never wise to keep snakes of different sizes together, as they may eat each other. If you’re serious about your hobby or business, a variety of snake enclosures are mandatory to keep your pets happy and healthy.

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Of course, space is always a concern. You may need anywhere from 5-6 large snake cages, plus half a dozen smaller snake enclosures. You definitely do not want to haphazardly stack snake cages on top of one another. Disaster would certainly result if one of those large snake cages fell and your Ball python escaped.

Safely Stackable Snake Cages

The best solution to your dilemma of finding adequate space is to purchase snake cages that interlock and stack securely. The Hybrid snake cages have this type of system available. You can purchase large snake cages, long snake cages or intermediate snake enclosures. Each reptile enclosure will interlock with each other creating a secure structure. You can now fit double or triple the number of snake cages in a certain spot.

Not only that these snake enclosures look extremely professional. You don’t have to worry about them tipping over or sliding apart. Everything is carefully engineered so you won’t run into any complications. These attractive displays will look great in your store or home. And if you ever want to show a potential buyer your beloved snakes, you’ll be proud at how professional your snake cages look.

Some breeders may prefer short and long snake cages, as this gives your pets more room to stretch and crawl. You’ll be thrilled to discover that the Hybrid snake enclosures are available in these dimensions—and they still maintain that stackable feature. Another great feature is that these snake cages are on castors. So you can easily move and rearrange each snake enclosure as you see fit.