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Spring is here and it’s time to landscape your yard once again. This is an exciting task. You have to choose the perfect flowers and shrubs that will light up your property. The most rewarding part of landscaping is the finished product. Nothing is more fulfilling than stepping back to view your handiwork.

Then the difficult part comes in—maintaining your yard. You have to weed, water and fertilize on a regular basis to keep your flowerbeds looking sharp.

As a snake owner, it is critical that you keep your snake tanks and large snake terrariums clean as well. A dirty, stinky cage is no fun for you or your pet.

Simple Secrets to Keeping Your Snake Cages Tidy

At Custom Cages, we’ve come up with several ways to assist you in maintaining a clean snake cage or boa cage.

  • Turf covering. This is a smooth, green floor covering that makes cleaning a snap. You can pull it out, clean it, let it dry and then place it back inside your snake tanks. Not only is this turf covering a breeze to clean, it is also unique-looking. The bright green color gives your boa cage or snake tanks a manicured look.
  • Removable floors. If you order a wire bottom for your snake tanks, you can have a removable floor installed. This enables you to clean the floor of your large snake terrariums without opening the door. Once you are done cleaning, simply slide the tray back underneath your boa cage and lock it securely in place. It’s that simple.

At Custom Cages, we want to make pet ownership easy and fund. As a result, we work tirelessly to continually perfect our snake tanks and large snake terrariums so they are comfortable for your pet and convenient for you.

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