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Snake Terrarium

What do you look for when shopping for a snake cage manufacturer?

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Quality is essential. You want a snake terrarium that will last a lifetime.

Design is another criterion. Nothing’s worse than a bunch of ugly snake terrariums scattered throughout your home.

A third criterion would be security. Since snakes are escape artists, you need a snake terrarium that will latch and stay latched. Finally, you want a snake terrarium that promotes the health and happiness of your pet. It must provide adequate ventilation, protection from the cold, and room for your pet to move around.

All of the above suggestions are a perfect start to finding an ideal snake cage manufacturer. But there is another quality that is extremely valuable, but often overlooked. Benevolence. You may think that business and soft-heartedness just don’t go together, but in fact they do. However, if they do, the next question is where on earth would you find a snake cage manufacturer that meets ALL the above specifications? Well, you can.

A Snake Terrarium Manufacturer that Meets Every Requirement

Cages By Design is the company that offers it all. From custom snake cages to pre-made snake terrariums the quality of their systems is unbeatable. With over two decades of experience, they have researched, engineered, tested and perfected their systems for maximum strength, durability and functionality. Their cages are beautifully designed using solid oak or maple wood. Custom stains, decorative crowns, stands, hoods or legs add the finishing touches. Each snake terrarium includes adequate space and adjustable dimensions to provide your pet with a roomy, spacious habitat.

However, Cages By Design also meets the last requirement—benevolence. Reptiles magazine recently published a feature article explaining how Cages by Design partnered with Extreme Makeover Home Edition to provide an 11-year old boy with his dream reptile collection. Stricken by the loss of his father, this child longed for a grand collection of pet reptiles. Cages by Design graciously donated numerous snake cages and reptile enclosures to grace his bedroom and brighten his life.

So if you’re looking for a snake cage manufacturer who takes pride in their work and who truly cares about their customers, look no further than Cages By Design.