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Not all snakes are known to get along with one another. This is especially true when the snakes are different sizes. Because many snake species are cannibals, they may end up eating their smaller cage mate. Here’s a general rule of thumb: don’t house different size snakes together.

If you are a hobbyist who hopes to keep numerous snakes, this means one of two things: you need to purchase several snake terrariums. Or you must invest in cage dividers for your snake tank.

Multiple Snake Terrariums

Regardless of what option you choose, you can locate all the snake terrariums and dividers you need at Custom Cages. Whether you are looking for large snake cages or for small stock cages you will find an abundance of choices. And if you’d like to start out small…you can purchase the size of cage you need now and add on to it down the road. All the snake terrariums offered by Custom Cages are expandable. As your pet grows you can increase the size of your snake cage by adding additional panels. If you need to separate two snakes, you can install a cage divider at a reasonable fee.

You can even invest in stackable snake terrariums so you can fit more snake cages in the same amount of space. The options are endless. These snake terrariums are designed so they can be stacked safely and securely, with no possibility of falling.

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