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SunCATcher Cages and Accessories

Finally… your indoor cat can enjoy the freedom of the outdoors! Our revolutionary SunCATcher Enclosure lets felines venture outside to safely bask in the sun’s natural rays!

Walk-in friendly, lockable, and durable, our outdoor cat enclosures allow you and your pets to relax on your patio, deck, or anywhere near a window! No fear of escape, no danger from other animals, and plenty of room to play and explore the great outdoors.

We also have a full collection of accessories like:

  • Solid cedar shelves
  • Plush cat trees
  • Catwalks
  • Friendly Feeders (holds food, water, and treats)
  • Window connector kits
  • And much more to make your SunCATcher an indoor pet’s outdoor paradise!

Suncatcher cages also make excellent dog enclosures!

Multiple Color Choices

The Suncatcher cat cages below come in Black Granite, Natural Granite, Cambridge Cherry, English Oak, Golden Oak, and Prestige Maple.
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Find out more about our cage material options.

Configure Your Own Suncatcher Outdoor Cage!

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Finally... outdoor freedom for indoor cats!

SunCATchers let your pets venture outside as they please without fear of escape! Our weather-tight Freedom Window Doors and connector kits attach to any vertically opening window, allowing constant access from your home to the catio! Cat EnclosuresCat Cages & Condos Attachable bowls and feeders are available for cats who prefer to have their dinner outdoors. And if space allows, you can put their litter box in the enclosure - No more smell or mess!
Cat Suncatcher Cages & Condos

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