The SunCATcher Catio

Let your feline experience the great outdoors with a SunCATcher Cage! This safe and secure enclosure is the outdoor oasis that your cat deserves!

You will expand their available space, give them all the entertainment they need, and can be sure they’re safe and sound, enjoying all that nature has to offer.


Loved by Cats. Trusted by Cat Parents.

“We purchased a deluxe cat cage so our kitties could enjoy the outdoors without being in danger of other animals or getting into the street. We are beyond happy with our purchase and would definitely recommend Custom Cages.”

Lynn K.

Why Do Cat Moms and Cat Dads Love Their SunCATchers?

Customizable Design

Whether you need a catio for your porch or a spacious cage for your kennel, we have what you need. Include accessories like cat trees, feeders, window tubes, cat shelves, catwalks, and much more!

Safe for Indoor Cats

A SunCATcher lets your cat experience the outdoors without the dangers of the outdoors. Your pet’s security is our top priority, and our simple, yet functional cages offer just that.

Hours of Enrichment

Give your cats more entertainment than they could ever ask for! The sights and sounds of the outdoors, plus their favorite toys and comfy perches, make their time in a SunCATcher a wonderful experience.

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