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One sore spot with many Americans is the fact that the majority of products available in stores come from China or another country, instead of the USA. The truth is there is a sense of national pride that comes from purchasing products made in your homeland. In addition, it also boosts the economy and enables local cities to thrive.

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At Custom Cages every single wood cage or furniture reptile cage we sell is manufactured in the USA. Not only are our glass reptile cages and every wood cage made in the USA, all the material we utilize also comes from our homeland. To top everything off, each wood cage and oak reptile cage is handcrafted.

A Wood Cage That Is Handcrafted & Made in the USA

Here’s a closer look into what goes on in our wood-working facility—where we produce the world’s best reptile cages.

  • Every wood cage or oak reptile cage is made one at a time. This means we give each furniture reptile cage our undivided attention. We want to make sure it is properly designed, and the only way to do that is to pay attention to the details.
  • Every wooden reptile cage and furniture reptile cage is sanded by hand. As a result, our glass reptile cages and every wooden reptile cage are finished to perfection. Our craftsman may spend hours carefully sanding a single wood cage so that is as smooth as silk.
  • Before shipping your wood cage or oak reptile cage, we fully assemble the entire unit. In this way, we can double check to make sure every piece fits like a glove. If there are any issues with your wooden reptile cage, we can catch it and fix it before sending it off.

At Custom Cages, we go above and beyond to ensure that every wood cage meets your standards of quality and perfection.