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Wooden Bird Cages

Do you have a few questions about purchasing a wooden bird cage or custom cage? If so, here are a few answers that may help:

Wooden Bird Cage
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What are the advantages of wooden bird cages?

The main advantage of wooden bird cages is aesthetics. They are prettier and more attractive. This is important if your custom cage is displayed in your living room or family room where everyone can see it. You want your custom bird cage to blend in with the rest of your home décor. When you order a wooden bird cage from Custom Cages, that’s exactly what you can expect to get. All orders are customized for your individual needs.

What’s the difference between maple bird cages and regular wooden bird cages?

The only difference between a maple bird cage and a regular wooden bird cage is the material used. Our Majestic bird cages come standard with an oak frame. If you prefer maple or cherry wood, that is a special request. We can customize your cage based on what kind of wood you want.

Should I order a custom bird cage or stick with the pre-built models?

A custom bird cage is ideal. This allows you to choose the size, colors and design that bests suits your needs. For example, you may only have a small amount of space in your home for a custom cage or oak bird cage. Simply take the measurements and we’ll build your wooden bird cages to your specifications.

Are wooden bird cages harder to clean?

No. A wooden bird cage is just as easy as any other custom cage when it comes to cleaning. All our majestic wooden bird cages have pull out floors and trays. You can access these without having to open your cage door. They are easy to remove, clean and wipe-off. The trays have an aluminum laminate bottom, which makes clean-up a snap. Everything just wipes right off.

At Custom Cages we’ll do our best to provide you with a wooden bird cage you’ll be overjoyed with.

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