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Chicken Coops & Multi-Unit Chicken Enclosures

Custom Cages' enclosures are not exclusive to home pets--we also make cages that are suitable for farm life! Our Suncatcher enclosures, including our multi-unit cages, will make excellent enclosures for your chickens!

Suncatcher® Multi-Unit Chicken Enclosures

Custom Cages' Suncatcher Enclosures® work great for zoos, humane centers, breeding facilities, rescues, private facilities and even chicken coops! The chicken enclosures and other kennels can have optional pitched or wire roofs (or both), wire floors, as well as many other custom options. They can be infinitely long and over 20’ deep, with many ways to configure divider scenarios and door placement. Enclosures come with stainless steel door handles that safely secure the doors and easily accept a padlock for additional security. Like any of our products, we have a vast range of cage customization options to suit your specific needs for your outdoor chicken coops! These chicken coops and chicken enclosures are great for many other types of animals, including various birds, cats, dogs, and much more!

Configure Your Own Suncatcher Chicken Coop!

chicken enclosures and multi-unit cages
chicken coop and multi-unit cages

Chicken Coop Testimonial

10' diameter indoor/outdoor small animal cage with a custom double mounting safety catch -- this will be used as a chicken run.

“Thank you so, so much! My dream chicken house would not have been possible without Custom Cages, everyone's expertise and your patience with me along the way!”

chicken coop 1
chicken coop 2
chicken coop 3
chicken coop 4