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About Custom Cages

Our Story

What started as a childhood hobby officially became a corporation in 1998. Our founder started as a 19 year old college student in his sophomore year in Oshkosh, WI. In the basement of a modest college apartment, the first generation of “Cages By Design” products were born. While also going to school full time, all products were sold, built by hand, and shipped one at a time.

A shell of a web site was launched when most people didn’t even know what the Internet was. A tiny black and white ad in a trade publication was just the beginning. Through a lot of trial and error, ups and downs, the business gradually gained its footing. Four years later upon graduation a 3,000sf commercial shop was built in Neenah, Wi as well as the first employee hired.

Through years of experimenting, listening to customer needs, and countless hours of engineering, became and was developed, eventually becoming the premier brands of the industry. Serenity Aquarium and Aviary Services (, our sister company, was also a product of this adventure and now has over a thousand service accounts in over 14 states. The experience not only with manufacturing the products and taking orders directly with our customers, but servicing them ongoing, gives us a unique perspective in the eyes of the customer which us allows us to identify needs, innovate, and create solutions. Our motto is – we don’t just make products, “We Solve Problems!”

Through years of customer feedback, all our core brands (Hybrid Enclosures®, Majestic Enclosures®, Suncatcher Enclosures®, and Lifetime Aquariums®) were entirely engineered in house. Not only are all of our various cage brands designed and engineered by us, but innovations like the Friendly Feeder®, H2Overflow®, Stealthbox®, Seamless Sump®, Siphon Stopper®, and many others were born out of our commitment to “Solve Problems”. To date, we have 14 patents and climbing granted and filed, as well as over a dozen trademarks.

A relentless commitment to quality, standing behind our products, and constant innovation has allowed the company to flourish to over 50 employees and growing. Although we now have over 30,000sf of state of the art equipment, as well as a team of well trained expert staff, the principles remain the same. Every unit is built one at a time by our proud and expert craftsman, custom built for your needs.