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Video Testimonials

Here we share our video testimonials. If you have a video you would like to submit to Custom Cages, please contact us and we will post it here!

"We absolutely love the cage! We love the flexibility to be able to hang up the enrichment and for them to be able to move all the way from top to bottom in their enclosure. So thank you for your great design!"

Emily — Animal Ambassador Keeper at Denver Zoo

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Chuck Horne's Lizard Suncatcher w/ Safety Catches

Suncatcher Lizard Room Testimonial From Chuck Horne

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Wendy & Eric's Suncatcher Bird Enclosure Testimonial

Suncatcher Bird Enclosure Testimonial from Wendy and Eric

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Danny Mendez's Vision Cage Testimonial (Model 222)

Danny Mendez Vision Cage Testimonial

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Suncatcher Enclosure at Wildwood Wildlife Park

wildwood wildlife park zoo testimonial

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Cages for the Denver Zoo - Testimonial

denver zoo cage testimonial

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Stacie's Chicken Enclosure - Testimonial

stacie chicken suncatcher enclosure

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Majestic Python Enclosure

leo sunny majestic reptile enclosure

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Brian's Majestic Reptile Cage

brian meier majestic reptile enclosure

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Sam's Hybrid Bird Cage

sam hybrid bird cage

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