Lizard and Snake Cages

Our Vision products include cages for reptile-keeping enthusiasts who own or breed snakes like boas, pythons, and corn snakes, and various species of lizard, such as iguanas, bearded dragons, and geckos. Additionally, our Vision snake cages are also often used for tarantulas and insects, and even for keeping and breeding small mammals, including hamsters, mice, and rats. The cages from Vision were designed to make controlling temperature, light, and humidity a much easier process for reptile and mammal owners and breeders.

Each cage’s material and sliding glass doors are strong and durable, lasting for many years after its purchase. In addition, our cages make it easy to access the interior of the cage for cleaning, scaping, and disinfecting.

Improvements On Our Vision Reptile Cages

Vision Products was recently purchased by It was our goal to keep these wonderful cages on the market. We therefore have maintained and improved upon what Vision had started with these reptile cages; they are all, in fact, available in their original sizes and molds. However, we have replaced the plastic door track with an anodized aluminum track which is much more durable and will last much longer. Additionally, on larger cages, we have replaced the regular glass inserts with tempered glass inserts.

In addition, the screens that we use on top of the vents is a heavier duty aluminum perforated mesh that lets in light and also controls heat very well. The other thing we’ve done is increased the amount of HDPE that goes into the molds themselves when you produce them so that they are stronger, more rigid, and don’t flex as much as the cages from Vision did previously.

Shop Our Snake Cages

Our Vision snake cages come in a variety of sizes depending on the size of your reptile or small mammal. Please shop below by size, model, or price. No matter the size of the enclosure you need, you will find that each has glass sliding doors which enable you to easily access your animal.

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