Suncatcher Bird Enclosures

Outdoor Bird Cages


    • All-weather black anodized aluminum frame that will never rust, chip, or corrode (silver/gray available for an extra charge).
    • Comes Standard with 1” x 1” x .120” black powder-coated wire for an excellent cosmetic look and easy climbing (Other opening sizes available).
    • Panel options like crimp-locked stainless steel wire, heavy-duty wire gauges, aluminum laminate, wood/granite grains and patterns, perforated aluminum, and glass (regular and tempered). See our material options page for more details.
    • Pull-out floors and trays
    • Linoleum floor/tray liners
    • Cage Covers (for certain sizes)
    • A Safety Catch is available to access your birds without risk of escape

Multiple Color Choices

Suncatcher Bird Enclosures come in the following colors: Black Granite, Natural Granite, Cambridge Cherry, English Oak, Golden Oak, and Prestige Maple.
laminate colors for bird enclosures

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Configure Your Own Suncatcher!

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Cage Features

Walk-In Friendly

Walk-in Outdoor Aviaries

Suncatchers offer walk-in access for unlimited access to your birds and easy cleaning. You can also add floor kits and use the Suncatcher inside during the colder months.

Safety Catches

Suncatcher Bird Aviary Safety Catches

Safety catches bolt up to our aviaries so you can walk in and shut the safety door behind you before opening the main door. You can also use safety catches to connect two or more aviaries together to create a wonderful playground for your pets.

Patented Feeders

Suncatcher Rotating Feeders Friendly Feeders

Our Rotating Feeder Station (above left) has three Stainless Steel, 16 oz. food bowls that you can access from outside the cage. The feeder mounts on any of our aviary panels, locking bowls in place. Friendly Feeders® (above right) also mount externally, preventing escape when feeding. The durable feeders stand up to finches and Macaws alike! Feeding is easy too: Simply slide out the dish from outside the cage to replenish food, water, or treats. And it's dishwasher safe!

Material Options

Suncatcher Material Options

Suncatcher Enclusures now come standard with black anodized aluminum frames and many panels to choose from: Powder coated wire, stainless steel wire (in many different size openings), glass (regular or tempered), wood, clear acrylic, granite grains and patterns, aluminum laminate, printed image background, and perforated aluminum! See our Material Options page for more details!

Modular & Expandable

Modular & Expandable Bird Cages

Suncatcher Enclosures are infinitely expandable. Add on more cages at any time to make larger and more complex enclosures. Add a safety catch to connect multiple enclosures and create a one-of-a-kind habitat for your birds. Here's an example of a Suncatcher Aviary with safety catches.

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