Suncatcher Reptile Enclosures

Our revolutionary Suncatcher Outdoor Reptile Enclosures let your pet safely roam outside and bask in the sun’s natural rays!

Walk-in friendly, lockable, and durable, our outdoor Suncatchers are a dream for reptile owners. Hang out with your pet on the patio, deck, or backyard without fear of escape or danger from other animals.

We also have a full selection of Suncatcher accessories, including replica tree branches, platforms for elevated surfaces, water bowls, hides, plants, and much more! Design a custom-made Suncatcher for your reptile today!

Reptile Cages for Any Enthusiast

Suncatcher Enclosures feature many customizable options, like size, material, and orientation. In the video, we learn about Kamp Kenan’s monitor lizard enclosure, why he chose a Custom Cage Suncatcher for his pet, and why you should get one too.

Check out our Vlogger Page for more reviews like this one! And to learn more about Kamp Kenan, visit his YouTube Channel!


  • Black Anodized Aluminum Frame (silver/gray for an extra charge) which will NEVER rust, chip, corrode
  • Comes standard with (1.5” x 1.5” x .092”) black powder-coated wire for an excellent cosmetic look and easy climbing. Other wire spacing is available.
  • Many panel options: Crimp-locked stainless steel wire, heavy-duty wire gauges, aluminum laminate, wood/granite grains and patterns, perforated aluminum, and glass (regular and tempered). See the materials page for more details.
  • Cage Covers (in some sizes)
  • Walk-in Friendly
  • Safety Catch options to help access your reptile without risk of escape
  • Great for reptiles, birds, cats, dogs, ferrets, monkeys, and more!

Walk-In Friendly

Walk-in Outdoor Enclosures

Walk-in access allows for easy cleaning and the ability to spend quality time with your pets.

Add floor kits to any outdoor Suncatcher and use the same cage inside during the colder months. Or, purchase without the grate, trays, and casters to create a virtually maintenance-free outdoor cage!

Safety Catches

Suncatcher Bird Aviary Safety Catches

Our single and double safety catches are compatible with almost all of our enclosures. Walk into your cage and shut the safety door behind you before opening the main door.

Material Options

Suncatcher Material Options

Enclosures come standard with Black Anodized Aluminum frames and many panel options: Powder coated wire, stainless steel wire (in various size openings and gauges), glass (regular or tempered), clear acrylic, wood and granite grains and patterns, aluminum laminate, printed image background, perforated aluminum, and more! See our Material Options for more details!

Modular & Expandable

Modular & Expandable Animal Cages

Our Suncatchers are infinitely expandable. Add or remove panels at any time to make larger or multiple enclosures. Add a safety catch to almost all cages to connect multiple enclosures together and make one-of-a-kind backyard habitats. Click here to see an example of an installed safety catch.