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Chuck Horne

Chuck Horne has purchased enclosures from and owns and cares for various species of iguanas, tortoises, knight anoles, fish and other animals.

Among Chuck Horne’s animals are Honduran spinytail iguanas, exotic knight anoles, a koi pond tortoises, leopard tortoises, etc. Visit Chuck’s YouTube channel to watch him care for his iguanas and other reptiles and get some great information on reptile and fish keeping.

“A place to share my experiences with all my pets, which includes lizards, tortoises and aquatic life!” — Chuck Horne

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Creative Pet Keeping

Creative Pet Keeping’s YouTube channel is all about Betta breeding, betta fish care, and betta community tanks. In addition, she breeds dwarf cichlids and keeps freshwater neocaradina shrimp. Watch her videos to get great information on Betta breeding and care, aquarium keeping, fish keeping, vlogs of her pets, and more.

Currently, she owns fifteen freshwater aquariums with Betta fish, guppies and African Cichlids, two cats, a rabbit, and a rescue border collie named Banana.

Please watch her videos to get some great information on fish and pet care!

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Davis' Exotics

“Hello everyone, I am YouTuber with a lot of pets, and love talking about them. I can’t wait to connect with other animal lovers.”

Davis’ Exotics is passionate about pet keeping – from Leopard Geckos, to Ball Pythons, to lovebirds, to fish. He recently purchased a custom Leopard Gecko tank from Custom Cages. Watch all of his videos here.

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“Hello world! We are Dave and Abby! Join us on our adventures on reptile care and breeding. Along the way, we will Learn, Fail, and Succeed. We will post all sides. Come learn with us :)”

Watch DnA Reptilia’s Facebook videos here. Dave and Abby care for snakes, lizards, and more!

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“I’m an animal educator and former zoo keeper. I keep a lot of rare and exotic pets whose beauty and care I like to share with the world. Subscribe and see the fantastic creatures I keep and learn about them!” — Em

Em is an animal educator, speaker, and former zookeeper, bringing lots of knowledge of animal care to the YouTube community. On her channel, she discusses and shows in detail how to keep and care for bearded dragons, ferrets, frogs, tarantulas, snails, rabbits, chinchillas, snakes, geckos, skunks, hornbills and more.

Em’s “wildly edutaining” videos include animal videos, pet care videos, and “Creature Features.” Visit Em’s channel today for some great information on pet care, animal facts, etc.

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Kailee Chiko

“Welcome, hope we have a good time together. I’m Kailee Chiko. I love the color yellow and I smell like apples. I love making goofy videos for you guys at least 2 times a week. You can always leave your video suggestions in the comments below. Also follow my socials to be more active and to help me with video ideas. Also make sure you subscribe and turn on post notifications so you know whenever I make a video.”

Kailee recently purchased a bioactive enclosure for her chameleon from Custom Cages. In her videos, she discusses her pet chameleon, as well as how she set up her enclosure. Watch Kailee Chiko’s channel for fun tours of her animals and enclosure information!

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“I have a beauty channel, and now a pet channel. I’m pretty stoked about it. I’m a huge dork that loves animals more than people, and those two things will never change.”

Check out KristenLeannimal’s YouTube channel. She is our newest promotion partner. Something that many people do not know about Kristen is that she is one of the founders of Arctic Fox hair color company which donates 15% of company profits to causes that fight against animal cruelty that are not anti-pet keeping. Kristen’s company is very successful, and very generous, just like Kristen. We are happy to have been able to help Kristen get some great enclosures for her personal pets and rescued animals that she shares through her YouTube channel and Instagram.

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Lexia's Pets

“My name is Lexia. I have lots of pets and a passion to educate others about all of them! I cannot wait to share my videos on animal care, pet enclosures, toy DIY’s, and how to make the overall quality of life for your pet better!”

Lexia is the proud owner of a number of reptiles, including her ball python, Western Hognose, milk snake, crested gecko, and more. Stop by her channel to get great information on which snakes are the best choices for a beginner, and her Custom Cage unboxings and enclosure reviews!

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Parrots R Us

We have a passion for keeping and caring for parrots, and our beautiful birds include Kramer the African Grey, Hannibal & Curacao the Hyacinth Macaws, Versace the Harlequin Macaw & Prince the Toco Toucan.

Among these videos, you can watch us train our macaws, see a toucan chick mature into a young adult bird, get good information on parrot care, and more.

Please watch these videos as we feed, train and care for these beautiful exotic birds.

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Patrick D. Neary

Patrick D. Neary filmed several videos on-site at the Aquashella 2019 fish show in Dallas, which feature Ted Judy from Custom Aquariums and Cages discussing the quality engineering of our customized enclosures and aquariums. Patrick D. Neary is a vlogger, aquarium keeper and fish enthusiast and posts informative fishkeeping videos on his YouTube channel.

Watch all of Patrick’s videos today for Jewel Cichlid Fry, Odessa Barb, Tiger Barb, feeding fish, aquarium and tank care, and other topics.

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Simply Betta

Taylor, from Simply Betta, is a betta breeder, planted tank enthusiast, colorful nano fish lover, gamer, LOTR nerd, and all-around creative person! A betta fish enthusiast, watch her YouTube channel today for practical betta fish care, aquariums, aquatic plants, unboxing videos and more. You can shop her online store for betta fish and fish food at

Custom Cages met Taylor at Aquashella in Dallas, where she showed off some excellent dance moves!

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Snake Discovery

“I have always had a passion for exotic pets. I was hardcore into parrots throughout college, and after I achieved my Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries & Wildlife, I dove into the world of reptiles and pursued a career in exotic animal education.

I started by working as a Naturalist for the Department of Natural Resources, where my job was to create educational programs about wildlife, trees and plants, insects, geology, etc. Naturally, my favorite programs were the ones that incorporated wildlife, especially reptiles and amphibians.

After my temporary position with the DNR ended, I wanted to continue it on my own! So, I started up a small business for which I travel teaching people about reptiles. Now I go to schools, libraries, scouts, and more, to share my love of these often misunderstood animals.

My YouTube videos provide them (and you!) with care tips and fun facts to encourage further learning!”

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Solid Gold Aquatics

Jennie’s fish house is outfitted with Custom Aquarium’s rack systems that include standard glass aquariums for her fish collection, amphibious tanks set up a bioactive vivariums, and Custom Cage’s Hybrid H2 reptile enclosures.

“I’m Jennifer Lynx and Solid Gold is about goldfish and all the other pets in my life – aquatic or not! Fancy goldfish have long been the main subject of my channel, but as an animal lover I have many other pets that I make videos about too. Here you’ll find goldfish, discus, plecos, other aquarium fish, axolotls, poison dart frogs, leopard geckos, rabbits, cats, and more. Subscribe to see new videos about them every week!”

Jennie’s mission is about promoting the goldfish hobby and inspiring better goldfish-keeping practices.

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Taylor Nicole Dean

Taylor Nicole Dean is a prominent YouTuber who shares her experiences with many exotic pets, including reptiles and mammals, and fish. She has purchased enclosures from and owns many different species of animals, including snakes, crested geckos, monitor lizards, skinks, fish, coral, mice, rats, hedgehogs, frogs, axolotls, cats, etc. She posts videos regularly, featuring her feeding and bathing her animals, discussing animal and fish care, and also purchasing and building new cages, aquariums and terrariums for her pets.

Watch Taylor’s videos here to get some great information on reptile, mammal, fish and coral care. In addition, you can watch her cage and tank builds and animal room tours, vlogs, fish tutorials and more.

“Welcome to my channel, where I invite you into my lil world of animals.” — Taylor Nicole Dean

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Ted's Fishroom

Ted’s Fishroom shares videos about the aquarium life and adventures of Ted Judy. You will find fishrooms, how-to, DIY, species profiles, interviews, travel logs, and other interesting topics.

Ted Judy is the PR and Social Media Manager at Custom Cages and our sister site, Custom Aquariums. He has been aquarium-keeping for many years as a personal hobby and is experienced with showing pet enthusiasts how to set up and maintain exotic bird enclosures, bioactive vivariums, large saltwater tanks, freshwater tank displays, and more. The Ted’s Fishroom channel is Ted’s personal channel where you can get practical information on the cage and aquarium-keeping hobby.

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The Rainforest Exhibit

Many of you know that Custom Sneaker Artist, MAG, has created custom apparel for some of the world’s biggest celebrities and rock bands, from Will Smith to 3 Doors Down, GN’R to Motley Crue, Kelly Clarkson to Poison, Samuel L. Jackson to Nickelback, Peter Facinelli to Chad Szeliga, and many, many more! Now, MAG is proud to announce his newest project, “The Rainforest Exhibit!”

On November 1, 2018, MAG partnered with Custom Aquariums, the leader in build-to-order aquariums, when they delivered their huge Amphibious Aquarium to MAG’s art studio. This is the largest Amphibious Aquarium that they have EVER built! Our NEW YouTube Vlog will focus on the planning, the design, supplies, fauna, flora, etc., we will take you with us through every step of the build! Stop by MAG’s website, to watch the progress of the build.

Unknown to most, MAG has designed and fabricated zoo exhibits all over the USA. He brings his unique style and skills to this amazing project. Tune in to the ups and downs of this colossal task and share in the struggles and triumphs as MAG documents every successful—and not so successful—moment on this vlog. Pictured here is MAG (right) with Ted Judy from Custom Cages.

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Tyler Nolan

Sunshine State Tattoo owner, Tyler Nolan, has been doing what he loves since 2005. He has won multiple awards among a long running list of conventions around the world, and is internationally recognized. He is a pet owner and hobbyist as well, and owns a number of species of lizards such as iguanas, water monitors, and gila monsters; and venomous snakes, including bush vipers, cobras, false water cobras, Eastern Indigo snakes, puff adders, rattlesnakes, and more.

Check out Tyler Nolan Tattoo’s channel for some informative and exciting videos about venomous snakes and lizards!

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Tyler Rugge

Tyler Rugge has purchased a 75-gallon custom aquarium from our sister site, Custom Aquariums, and Hybrid reptile enclosures for his blue-tongued skink, corn snake, and bearded dragon.

“My name is Tyler Rugge. I have a lot of pets and I make videos with all of them! I have a variety of pets from dogs to more exotic things like reptiles, and aquatics ranging from my snakes, lizards, reef tank, birds and more!”

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Will Nace

Will Nace’s YouTube channel showcases his snake room. He has purchased a number of Vision cages from, for his rattlesnakes, vipers, cobras, and many other species of snake.

Will’s channel is dedicated to the care of venomous snakes. Learn great tips, tricks for feeding, enclosure cleaning, handling, etc. Watch snake unboxing videos. See expert handling of various species of venomous snakes.

In addition, many other types of animals are featured on the channel, from reptiles (particularly alligators), to sharks, to mammals.

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