Custom Chicken Runs | Custom Cages

Are your chickens safe outside of their chicken coop? Many who raise poultry don’t think so.

Chickens are susceptible to a variety of predators, so letting them wander the yard isn’t always practical. That’s why we build custom chicken runs for chicken coops!

Our custom-made, metal-wire chicken runs let your flock enjoy the outside air while being protected from other ill-intentioned animals.

Benefits of Chicken Runs

An enclosed outdoor space is very beneficial in raising healthy chickens. Some benefits include:

  • Made from durable, all-weather materials
  • Offers open-air ventilation and 360° protection from predators
  • Ample space for exercising, bathing, foraging, and nesting

Suncatcher® Chicken Runs and Multi-unit Pens

Optimize your space and keep your animals safe with a chicken run of any size!

You can select a single-unit or multi-unit chicken pen, or a large open-range enclosure. Whichever you choose, your chickens will be protected and have plenty of space to exercise and explore.

circular metal-wire chicken run connected to a brown chicken coop

Primary Features of Suncatcher® Chicken Enclosures

  • Roof and floor options
  • Materials options
  • Length, depth, height, and shape of the run
  • Door placement
  • Optional safety catch
  • Divider configuration
  • Door handles and locks
  • Accessories
computer animated drawing of a multi-unit chicken pen

How Do the Configurators Work?

Each Suncatcher® chicken run is designed by our customers. You may contact us directly and tell us what enclosure you’re looking for, or you can start with our Custom Configurator! This tool lets you design a cage from the ground up, without leaving our site (see the image for a preview). The enclosure’s size, shape, orientation, material, and more, are all up to you!

If you include an email address and a project name to begin the configuration, you can save it and return at any time. You may also start an anonymous project, but you won’t be able to save your design if you leave.

Visit the Suncatcher® Configurator to start your design!

screenshot of suncatcher configurator page