Cage Image Backgrounds

These cage image backgrounds for animal enclosures are even more stunning in person than in our pictures. Images are printed and laminated to the back of your cage, and covered with a durable protective clear material for moisture, scratch, and UV resistance (prevents fading). Choose from any of our 40+ images.


Backgrounds may add 1-3 days to your order lead time in some cases. Images are very high resolution and are cropped to fit your cage dimensions. You can also use your own image for an additional $49.95 charge.

To use your own image call 1-800-941-2243 for specs. The cage image backgrounds must be applied to the cage back in our factory. If you already have a cage and would like to order a background for it please call for a quote (there will be an extra charge because a back panel must be ordered to go with your background).

To order a custom cage image background, click on a category below to view our images.

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