Canary Cages, Build Your Own Canary Cage

Canaries are one of the most popular pet birds in America. And if you’re a proud canary owner, you probably already know why. These little birds have charming personalities and are star singers. They’re gentle, happy voices have filled many homes with a sense of tranquility and love.

Canary Cages
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If you plan on purchasing one or more canaries for your home, you will need to find suitable canary cages for your pets. Be sure to invest plenty of time and thought into this matter—because only a happy canary will consistently lift his voice in joyous song.

If your bird feels insecure, unhappy or cramped inside his parrot cage, he will become timid, depressed and sad—definitely not what you want to happen.

Choosing Canary Cages

When it comes to canary cages, size is an issue. Because these birds are so small they do not need a large bird cage. African Grey cages, which usually measure 48” in length are a bit large, especially if you plan on keeping your pet in the living room. Even Conure cages that are 36” long are on the big side. While it’s good to provide your pet with plenty of space, most canary cages are a minimum of 12 -24 inches, for a single bird.

While canaries make great house pets, they also are suitable for the outdoors. They are a pleasant addition to any garden or yard. The Suncatcher garden aviaries are ideal for housing a colony of canaries outside.

This large bird avairy will house up to 35 canaries. So it’s perfect the avid bird enthusiast who wants to enjoy the charming voices and antics of his backyard birds. These canary cages can sit on your porch or an existing slab of cement. Regular clean-up and maintenance is exceptionally easy. All you have to do is hose down the canary cages and you’re done.

This amazing garden avairy is available through Custom Cages, one of the nation’s most prominent bird cage manufacturers. Backed by years of experience, national attention and glowing testimonials, you know you’ll be getting your money’s worth when you purchase canary cages through them.