Sun Conure Cages, Build Your Own Sun Conure Cage

When considering a birdcage for your dazzling Sun conure there are a sea of choices. So think carefully and take your time. No doubt you want Sun conure cages that match your birds’ personality and flamboyant appearance. After all, not every parrot is as colorful and charming as this species.

Sun Conure Cages
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So let’s talk colors. What will make your birdcage stand out and be a real eye stopper? Two things: color & design.

Due to your bird’s striking appearance, a decorative birdcage may be just the thing. The Majestic Bird Cages are extremely elegant. They have a solid wood frame and a variety of stains to choose from. Aviaries also make ideal Sun conure cages. They are roomy, spacious and allow your birds plenty of space to fly about. And if you don’t think an avairy can be attractive—think again.

The Suncatcher bird aviaries have a textured finish and powder-coated wire, which makes them quite striking. Take for example our three foot diameter designer cage. This little birdcage will fit perfectly in a corner or a wall. It has a slopped roof with a decorative ball on the top.

Coloring Your Sun Conure Cages

If you order a bird cage through Custom Cages, you can have your Sun conure cages painted any color you like—red, yellow, blue, green or violet!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a color for your Sun conure cages.

  • Your décor. Obviously you want the birdcage to match the rest of the house. If your living room is full of deep blue and mahogany, you probably don’t want your Sun conure cages painted orange.
  • Clean-up. Keep in mind that droppings show more on darker colors than lighter colors. If your birdcage has a cream or yellow floor, the droppings will blend in a little better.
  • Your bird. Even though you may want to paint the parrot cages a loud, boisterous color, consider your bird. Conures are known to become excitable and over stimulated with bright colors. So you may want to tone it down a hair. Before deciding to paint your Sun conure cages flaming red, hang a red towel on one side of your birdcage and see how your pet reacts. Adjust your preferences accordingly.

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