Parrot Cages, Build Your Own Parrot Cage

A bird’s cage is their castle. So choosing the right parrot cages for your birds is an important task. Here are just a few things you should take into consideration:

1. Size.

Parrots need plenty of room to climb, play, and stretch their wings. Most birds also enjoy flying, which is both psychologically and physically healthy for them. If you want your bird to indulge in this pleasure, consider purchasing a parrot cage. Parrot cages come in a variety of sizes. Some are just large enough for your bird to flutter from perch to perch and others allow them to glide several feet.

2. Cleanup.

Maybe you’re so excited about purchasing a few parrots you haven’t even considered cleaning the parrot cages. But that’s something you’ll need to do on a regular basis. So it’s best to find parrot cages that are easy to keep sanitary. The bird cages and aviaries offered by Custom Cages are a snap to clean. They come with pullout trays and disposable liners. So all you have to do is empty the waste and debris each day. They also have a removable floor, which enables you to actually walk in the parrot cages to clean any hard-to-reach spots.

3. Panel material.

Here’s a question to consider. Do you want birdcages that are made out of acrylic, wire, or glass? The decision is really yours. Acrylic panels tend to be strong & durable, which is ideal for larger more aggressive breeds. Wire bird aviaries provide plenty of ventilation and allow your bird to climb on the panels (something parrots love to do). And glass parrot cages are extremely stylish and classy—perfect for the upscale urban home.

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Custom Cages is the nation’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, custom-designed parrot cages. They manufacture bird cages in every size, color & material imaginable.

You’re sure to find something that suits your fancy and makes your bird happy. These parrot cages and bird aviaries are made with your pet’s comfort in mind. The materials are powder-coated to give each cage a striking, furniture-like appearance. Attractive hoods and stands are also available which provide additional storage room and hide any fixtures or additional equipment your bird may need. You can even purchase castors so you can easily move the parrot cages from room to room or outside and inside. When it comes to convenience, beauty, and comfort, you can’t find a better choice than Custom Cages’s Majestic, Hybrid, or Suncatcher brands.

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