Cockatoo Cages, Build Your Own Cockatoo Cage

So you’ve decided that a few parrots would be ideal for your office or waiting room. They are beautiful, entertaining and would captivate people’s attention. After much research, you’ve decided that a cockatoo is the bird of choice. After all, they are affectionate, loyal, entertaining and playful. The perfect bird. The next step is to find an adequate cockatoo cages to house your new parrots. Keep in mind that cockatoos are one of the larger species, so they will need bird cages that are similar in size to African Grey cages or macaw cages.

Cockatoo Cages
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Although you may think conure cages or lovebird cages would fit better in the corner, never skimp on size, that’s a sure-fire way to make your feathered companions miserable.

When choosing cockatoos cages for your place of business, obviously you want decorative birdcages that are attractive and professional. You also need cockatoo cages that are roomy and provide adequate space. Finally, you should utilize both stands and hoods to add a little extra flair.

Shopping for Cockatoo Cages

Since you are a busy professional with a number of things on your mind, the simplest, easiest, fastest and most convenient way to purchase your cockatoo cages is directly from the manufacturer. Otherwise you will waste hours of time trotting from pet store to pet store looking through dozens of birdcages, only to be disappointed with the limited models available at these retail locations.

Custom Cages makes shopping for your cockatoo cages a snap. You can order online or over the phone. Everything is shipped directly to you. All you have to do is follow the easy-to-assembly instructions (or have your staff do that) and you’re ready to fill your cockatoo cages with some birds.

If you change your mind, and decide to purchase a different type of bird, you’ll be delighted to learn that this company manufacturers every type of bird cage imaginable. So if you’d rather purchase a smaller bird, you can easily find a finch cage, parakeet cage or even a cockatiel cage right on the same website. You can even order the same type of birdcage that you had already picked out for your cockatoo cages.