African Gray Cages, Build Your Own African Gray Cage

Have you ever seen this? A Beautiful African Grey Parrot who looks like a turkey that’s just been plucked for Thanksgiving? Yes, this happens. Usually it’s self-inflicted. But it’s not entirely your parrots fault. African Grey’s will only pluck their feathers and mutilate themselves if they are bored, angry or unhappy.

So the question is what makes an African Grey unhappy, bored and angry? Surprisingly, not much. And many of these things can be happily resolved by choosing high-quality African Grey cages for your pets. Your African Gray parrots will develop self-destructive behavior if you keep them in African Grey cages that are too small. Think about it. An African Grey is a large bird. They won’t fit very well in a love bird cage, a cockatiel cage or even a parrotlet cage. They need African Gray cages that are roomy, spacious and comfortable. As a bird owner, it is so important you understand the space needed for these highly intelligent birds. If you have questions regarding this, the cage experts at Custom Cages can provide information regarding choosing the right cage sizing for your feathered friend.

Purchasing Large African Grey Cages

Finding African Grey cages customized with good quality can be difficult, especially if you are shopping locally. There’s no question that these African Gray cages are much larger than your average canary cages or budgie cages. And some local shops just don’t stock them. The good news is all you have to do is go online, click and order. Before you know it, fully functional and carefully designed African Grey cages will arrive at your doorstep.

Keep in mind that all bird cages and all bird cage manufacturers are not alike. There are some real cheap, flimsy African Gray cages out there, claiming to be ideal for your bird. Visit and our cage professional will be happy to assist you with your African Gray cages. We have countless testimonials enforcing that we not only make good cages; we make them well, to ensure the health and safety of your bird.

Shop Standard African Gray Cage Sizes

Custom Cages is the nation’s leading manufacturer of high-quality custom designed bird cages. When you order from us you know you’re getting your money’s worth. We have many standard cage sizes to choose from in the brands Suncatcher, Majestic and Hybrid; otherwise if you would like to customize your cage more precisely, please feel free to use our online cage configuration.

Additionally, at Custom Cages, we have all sorts of benefits including unique accessories, convenient features and a variety of choices. Our perches and swings will entertain your African Gray parrots and give them a comfortable resting place and our rotating Friendly Feeder will make feeding easier. We even have beautiful cage backgrounds to compliment the gorgeous plumage of your African Gray.

If you’re looking for African Grey cages to suit your tastes and budget, you can’t find a better option than Custom Cages!

Trusted Provider of African Gray Cages

Here are just a few reasons why Custom Cages is such a well-known, well-loved provider of bird cages—including African Grey cages.

Experience — Custom Cages has over two decades worth of experience makes custom African Gray cages and enclosures for many other species of macaw.

Quality — Custom Cages’ bird cages are all handcrafted. This means that your African Gray cages have been manufactured by experienced professionals and are not factory made.

Specialty — Custom Cages’ bird cages can be designed for every type of parrot.

Knowledge — Custom Cages knows what birds need—and they provide it!

Good Track Record — Custom Cages has dozens of testimonials from satisfied clients posted on our website and Facebook.

Superior Customer Service — Custom Cage’s expert bird cage team are there for you every step of the way!

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