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Custom Cages - Bird, Reptile & Cat Cages

hybrid bird & reptile cages
Hybrid Aluminum Lined Bird Cages, Reptile Cages

Our custom made build to order Hybrid Bird Cages, Reptile Cages and Small Animal Cages are all custom tailored for your specific needs. Stackable, expandable, and easy to assemble, our aluminum framed Hybrid reptile enclosures and bird cages are safe, secure and made in the USA. With our one of a kind Hybrid Custom Cage Configurator, you can custom build and order your dream custom enclosures online!

furniture custom enclosures

reptile and bird majestic custom cages
majestic bird and reptile wooden custom cages

Majestic Furniture Style Wood Bird Cages, Wooden Reptile Cages

These beautiful furniture style bird cages and reptile cages make amazing setups for your pets and are a great addition to any home! We offer a vast selection of custom cage designs such as corner cages, coffee table cages, and more! We have our own proprietary design featuring a solid Oak exterior and aluminum lined interior with the largest selection of custom cage options available making our line of designer custom enclosures not only beautiful but functional. Our aluminum frame also guarantees against wood chewing from the inside in bird cages, and protects from moisture in reptile cages! Made in the USA!

suncatcher bird cages
Suncatcher Large Walk-in Bird Aviaries, Outdoor Cat Enclosures

These huge powder coated indoor and outdoor aviaries are walk in friendly, weather resistant and easy to assemble! Safety catches allow access to your birds without fear of escape and allow you to connect multiple units together. Our SunCATcher cat cages and cat condos gives outdoor freedom to indoor cats! You and your pets can bask together in the sun on your patio without fear of escape or danger from predators, and with plenty of room to play and explore the great outdoors!

custom cages under 500 dollars

custom cages under 500 dollars bird cages
custom cage pricing

Bird Cages Under 500 Dollars

If your budget is under $500, please click on any of the link above to select from a wide selection of bird cages. Our low dollar web site features an exclusive 150% low price guarantee as well as independent testing for lead and zinc! We carry dometop bird cages, play top bird cages, corner bird cages, bird cages with pull out floors and trays and even multi-unit bird cages! Choose from hundreds of custom cages and custom enclosures in this price range!

vision snake cages

vision snake racks

Vision Racks & Cages

We also make versatile, stackable reptile, rodent, mammal, and snake cages, racks, tubs, and bowls. Our sister company Vision Racks & Cages manufactures snake cages, racks and tubs that come in many sizes for breeding purposes. They are easy to maintain and come with built-in ventilation, so your snakes and other reptiles, mammals, or rodents have the proper breeding environment. These stackable racks and cages are truly the best reptile breeding systems available.

custom aquariums

custom aquariums

Custom Aquariums

We also make aquariums! Our sister company manufactures glass custom aquariums of many shapes and sizes. Free delivery to your curb nationwide! Sliding doors also available making them great reptile and small animal cages. Also featuring amphibious tanks and half aquariums with sliding front doors - and they hold water!

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"I LOVE you, my birds LOVE you, we LOVE the cage and I LOVE CagesByDesign!!!"
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quality cage craftsmanship


As a family owned and operated business, we put a lot of personal dedication and pride into our custom enclosures and accessories and are proud that our customers world wide can have the ability to create the ultimate habitat for their pets. Most of our aluminum and stainless steel materials are made in the USA as well as our cages, with materials bought from many suppliers close to our facility in northern Wisconsin.

advanced bird and reptile cage design


Since 1998 we have worked tirelessly to design, modify and re-design our custom cage system. We have used over a dozen engineers, tested countless prototypes and materials, used computer generated strength analysis, and spent thousands of hours on our design to ensure it has the proper strength, durability and functionality. We have proprietary patents, we invented our bird and reptile cage design, we own the tooling, and nobody else can copy our custom cage design.

Jack Hanna


Trusted by Jack Hanna, used on Extreme Home Makeover, Pimp My Ride, by Humane Societies nationwide and the Make-a-Wish foundation on multiple occasions, Custom Cages is trusted by and has sold more build-to-order bird, reptile and small animal custom cages sold than anyone, anywhere!

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