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You’ve been a proud cat owner for several years. You love your cats and want to provide them with the absolute best. For years, you’ve always kept your cat cages indoors, but after doing some research and discovering the benefits of allowing your pets experience the outdoors, you are considering allowing your pets to be both indoor and outdoor cats. However, this is not an easy decision to make as there are so many pros and cons to each.

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If you keep your cat cages indoors at all times, this ensures that your pets will be completely safe from predators and other danger. You will know where they are at all times. By keeping your cat cages and cat condos inside, you figure you can help prolong your pet’s life. What could be more heartbreaking than finding your cat hit by a car or injured by a wild animal? What’s worse, what if your kitten bounded out of his indoor cat cage or cat condo and took off down the street, never to be seen again. All of these possibilities are so frightening, you think it might be best to leave your cat cages inside your home after all.

But there is the other side. The outdoors hold a number of benefits for your cat that can enhance their health and quality of life. Here are just a few of them:

  • Your cat can breathe the fresh, crisp air. Fresh air is particularly healthy for every living thing. While your cat can enjoy aspects of this if you open a window in their cat cages or cat condos, nothing is more refreshing than being able to sit outside in the morning or cool evening.
  • Your cats can enjoy nature. Outside cats have the opportunity to chase after birds, prowl through the grass and soak up the afternoon sun. If you keep your cat cages indoors at all times, your pet will not be able to experience any of these things like he should.
  • Your cat will be happier. By allowing your pet to step outside once in a while, instead of staying indoors in his cat cage, you will add variety to his life. Being outside will also help keep your cat alert and his senses finely tuned.

So it’s a toss up. What should you do? You want your cat to be safe, but at the same time, you realize it is important to allow him to be an outside cat. Here’s the good news. You don’t have to choose between keeping your cat safe and letting your cat outside. You can have it both ways. Here’s how:

Simply invest in outdoor cat cages. By purchasing large outside cat kennels, your pet can enjoy the freedom of the outdoors in a secure and safe environment. The cat cages will keep your cat in a certain perimeter and will keep all predators out.

Shopping for Cat Cages

When shopping for these outdoor cat cages, be sure to do your research. You only want the absolute best for your kitten. Here’s a brief checklist to take with you when you go shopping for cat cages:

  • Look for heavy-duty paneling, not flimsy siding. If your goal is to keep your cat safe, purchasing cat cages with weak paneling is completely counterproductive. The paneling should be made out of 8 or 12 gauge wiring.
  • Look for cat cages that have a professionally-designed roof that companies the package. Cats are climbers. If you think a six-foot cat condo or cat enclosure is going to keep your pet enclosed, think again. Cats are phenomenal athletes who can jump amazing heights. A roof adds extra security to your cage. It also keeps out the rain and blistering sun. As mentioned previously, be sure the cat cages you are purchasing come with a roof that fits. Don’t settle for trying to put on a make-shift roof yourself after assembling your cage. It won’t work!
  • Be sure the cat cages are spacious and roomy. The ideal size for your cat family will depend on the number of pet cats you own. If you are looking for an enclosure for three cats, you will obviously need a much larger enclosure. If you only have one cat, a smaller version will work. Nevertheless, it is always best to purchase the largest cat cages you can afford. Your pet cat will appreciate the extra space. Remember, cats are roamers by nature. The larger their enclosures, the happier they will be.

So where can you find cat cages that meet this criteria? Can you walk into any pet store or your local farm store and find what you need? Unfortunately, in most cases the answer is no. Outdoor cat cages are more of a specialty item. Not pet store keeps a steady supply of outdoor cat cages. The best place in the country to purchase your cat cages is right here at Custom Cages. With over 20 years experience, our craftsman know how to build cages for cats that are meant to last. Our Suncatcher cat cages come in a variety of different sizes, so you can pick the size that best suits your needs. A number of accessories are also available including the following:

  • Freedom Window door. Want your pet to have access to his cat cages at all times–why not install a window door? This non-permanent device attaches to a window, giving your pet 24/7 access to either your home or his cages and condos outside. This is highly convenient, especially for people who work long hours. These freedom doors allow your pet to choose where he wants to be.
  • Rotating feeder station. This feeder station is perfect for your cat cages, making meal-time a breeze. With three dishes you have plenty of space for food, water and treats.

Shop our outdoor and indoor cat enclosures here on We offer both Suncatcher and Hybrid enclosures for your cats!

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