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You love your cats and want to provide them with the absolute best. And if you’re looking for a cat cage for your pet(s), we have exactly what you need.

Our durable SunCATcher Enclosures are fully customizable but also come in a variety of standard sizes and styles. You may use them as indoor cat cages, outdoor catios, or design a large and elaborate cat enclosure for your yard.

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Cat Cages

Indoor Cat Cages

Indoor enclosures are great solutions for acclimating cats in a new space, creating a designated area for play, and offering a relaxing spot for sick, injured, or nursing cats.

You may have limited room in your home, so consider the space needed for your cat to be comfortable.

You should also add toys and soft bedding. For a cat to be happy in an indoor cat cage, it must have the opportunity for stimulation and relaxation.

If you’re interested in an indoor enclosure for your feline friend, visit our page about indoor cat cages to learn more!

Outdoor Cat Cages and Catios

Our customers can connect a cat cage to their house from the outside. These are called catios, and they’re very popular options for indoor and outdoor cats.

While it can be very stressful to bring indoor cats outside, there are many reasons to provide them with safe and secure outside access:

  • Your cat can breathe the fresh, crisp air. Fresh air is particularly healthy for every living thing. While your cat can enjoy aspects of this if you open a window, nothing is more refreshing than actually sitting outside.
  • Your cats can enjoy nature. Outside cats can chase after birds, prowl through the grass, and soak up the afternoon sun. Your indoor cat won’t be able to chase animals, but it will get a more in-depth experience with nature.
  • Your cat will be happier. By allowing your pet to step outside once in a while, you will add variety to his life. Being outside will also help keep your cat alert and his senses finely tuned.

Investing in an outdoor cat cage lets your pet enjoy the freedom of the outdoors in a secure and safe environment. The cage will keep your cat in, and other predators out!

What You Need to Consider Before Buying

When shopping for these outdoor cat cages, be sure to do your research. Here’s a brief checklist to consider:

  • Look for heavy-duty paneling, not flimsy siding. To keep your cat safe, you must avoid all weak paneling. Ideally, the paneling should be made of at least 8 or 12-gauge wiring.
  • Look for a cage that has a professionally designed roof included. Cats can easily escape an open-top cage, so a top adds extra security. Also, be sure that the top fits securely. If it doesn’t, your cat could still escape or get injured trying to do so.
  • Be sure the enclosure is spacious and roomy. The ideal size for your cat(s) will depend on the number of pets you own. And remember that cats are roamers by nature. So the larger their enclosure, the happier they will be.

Finding the Best Cat Cage for your Pet

With over 20 years of experience, our craftsmen understand how to build cages that are secure and meant to last. Our cat cages come in a variety of different sizes, so you can pick the size that best suits your needs. Several accessories are also available including the following:

  • Freedom Window door. Do you want your pet to have access to his outdoor home at all times? Install a freedom window door! This non-permanent device attaches to a window, giving your pet 24/7 access to either your home or his cage outside. This is highly convenient, especially for people who work long hours.
  • Rotating feeder station. This feeder station is designed specifically for this enclosure, making mealtime a breeze. With three individual dishes, you have plenty of space for food, water, and treats.

Ready to Start Designing Your Own Cat Cage?

We have a unique feature that allows you to build your own cage directly on our site!

We call this The Suncatcher Configurator, and you can start designing your enclsoure today! You can also save your progress and return to it at any time!

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