Turtle Aquariums & Amphibian Aquariums


Our sister company, Custom Aquariums manufactures amphibian tanks (part aquarium, part terrarium) which are perfect for turtles or any pet that requires both land and water environments.

Key Features and Customizable Options

  • Your choice of glass or acrylic sliding front, side, or back doors.
  • Sliding doors on top of the tank are also available
  • Keyed lock for security.
  • Seamless Sump® complete filtration is available with H2Overflows® and Siphon Stopper® outputs.
  • Marine-grade aluminum framework with minimal gaps.
  • Printed backgrounds available, including land/water themes.
  • Multiple options for water depth
  • Glass lids can be made partially ventilated with cricket-proof perforated aluminum.
  • Custom wood materials and finishes for stands and canopies.

These enclosures are great for use as:

  • Turtle Tanks
  • Turtle Cages
  • Turtle Aquariums
  • Turtle Enclosures
  • Amphibian Tanks
  • Amphibian Cages
  • Amphibian Aquariums
  • Paludariums

Contemporary Style Amphibious Aquarium

Safe, Secure, and Convenient

Our meticulous fabrication process ensures that water will not leak or flood, your pet will be comfortably contained inside, and you will have easy access for maintenance.

Seamless Sump Filtration

Unmatched Filtration

Make routine maintenance easier! Use our Seamless Sump® filtration system with your new paludarium to keep your water clean and your pet healthy.

Custom Built Amphibious Tanks

Designed for You, by You

We let you tailor an aquarium specifically to your pet! Our customers have full control over the size, materials, colors, and decor that make up their aquariums.

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