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Turtle Aquariums & Amphibian Aquariums

Custom Cages manufactures turtle tanks and amphibian tanks which are part aquarium and part terrarium, perfect as turtle tanks for turtles or any other types of reptiles or amphibians that require both land and water environments. The bottom section holds water whereas the top half is great for viewing and providing your plants and animals dry space with easy access! Now any of our standard aquariums can be made as amphibian aquariums with sliding front, back or side doors for easy access to your pet amphibian.

These turtle tanks and amphibian tanks are custom manufactured to your specification, including height, length and depth as well as the mixture of aquarium to terrarium that you require. The aquarium portion of the enclosure is typically paired with our Seamless Sump, H2Overflow and Siphon Stopper filtration/backflow systems to keep the water clean and fresh, which is a struggle for most turtle tanks and other amphibian aquariums.

These enclosures are great for use as:

  • Turtle Tanks
  • Turtle Cages
  • Turtle Aquariums
  • Turtle Enclosures
  • Amphibian Tanks
  • Amphibian Cages
  • Amphibian Aquariums
  • Amphibian Enclosures

Online pricing is coming soon - please call us for a price quote - we are now accepting orders! (Typical pricing is 20-40% more than a regular standard aquarium depending on the configuration).

Amphibian Turtle Tank

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Amphibious Turtle Tank Custom Aquariums Video

Custom Aquariums Features an Amphibious Aquarium at Aquatic Experience

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The Hybrid and Majestic Enclosure systems found below can be modified for turtle aquariums and amphibian aquariums. Please browse through the enclosures below and call us at (800) 941-2243 for more information or pricing on these enclosures which can be modified for amphibious use.

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Reptile Cages and Enclosures

Hybrid Aluminum Framed Reptile Cages

  • The Most Custom Options Anywhere! Choose Hoods, Stands, Panel Materials, Image Backgrounds, Substrate, Rock Furniture - and more!
  • Durable, Pet Safe Materials
  • Modular, Transportable and Easy Assembly! Go up Stairs, Around Corners, Into or out of a Vehicle with Ease!
  • Expandable, Stackable, Durable! Change Your Size, or add a Hood or Stand at any Time!
  • Handmade to Order in the USA!

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View All Majestic Reptile Cages

Reptile Wood Cages and Enclosures

Majestic Furniture Style Wood Framed Aluminum Lined Reptile Cages

  • More Viewing Area than ANY Other Furniture-style Cage System on the market!
  • Handcrafted to Order in the United States!
  • Solid Oak Exterior Frame (Hard Maple Cherry Wood and Custom Woods Available!)
  • Fully Lined Aluminum Interior Protects From Moisture
  • Expandable. Connect Two or More Enclosures Together!
  • Modular. Get Any Size Enclosure Into Your Vehicle, Through Doorways, Around Corners or Up Stairs!

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Multiple Color Choices

The turtle tanks & amphibian tanks below come in Black Granite, Natural Granite, Cambridge Cherry, English Oak, Golden Oak and Prestige Maple.
Laminate Colors

Find out more about our Cage Material Options.

Also Find out more about our many other Custom Options.

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