105 Gallon Tall Glass Paludarium

Experience the best of both worlds with a custom-made paludarium! Designed to incorporate both terrestrial and aquatic elements, it’s the ideal home for amphibians and reptiles like turtles, dragons, caimans, and more. Read further to learn about our package specials and additional features!

We offer amphibious packages that include everything you might need to get your new setup up and running. Looking for a different size? Design a custom built paludarium on Custom Aquariums.

This paludarium measures 48″ H x 48″ L x 24″ D and has a 15″ waterline.

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Our sister company, Custom Aquariums manufactures amphibian tanks (part aquarium, part terrarium) which are perfect for turtles or any pet that requires both land and water environments.

Key Features and Customizable Options

  • Your choice of glass or acrylic sliding front, side, or back doors.
  • Sliding doors on top of the tank are also available
  • Keyed lock for security.
  • Seamless Sump® complete filtration is available with H2Overflows® and Siphon Stopper® outputs.
  • Marine-grade aluminum framework with minimal gaps.
  • Printed backgrounds available, including land/water themes.
  • Multiple options for water depth
  • Glass lids can be made partially ventilated with cricket-proof perforated aluminum.
  • Custom wood materials and finishes for stands and canopies.

What is a Paludaruim?

A paludarium is a type of vivarium that consists of a land element, a water element, and a collection of natural plants. In most cases, they can house an amphibious animal and also support small fish in the aquatic portion of the enclosure.

The 70 Gallon Tall Paludarium

This tall 70-gallon paludarium is made from 3/8″ glass with our patented frame on the top and bottom of the tank. The frame is made from high-strength black anodized aluminum.

We offer an industry-leading lifetime warranty on the paludarium at no extra cost if it is placed on our stand and properly cared for. You have the option of adding a stand to the paludarium when you configure it.

We can offer this lifetime warranty because of the superior engineering and rigorous quality control that goes into every aquarium and paludarium we manufacture. We remove integrity compromising micro-fractures by beveling and polishing every edge of every piece of glass. We use a black high-strength aquarium-grade silicone that is five times stronger than common clear aquarium silicone.