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If you’re looking for an aviary for your retirement home, Custom Cages can help. Retirement home bird aviaries are visually appealing, relaxing, and can be customized
to fit your space. Our enclosures are available in 3 styles: Hybrid, Majestic, and Suncatcher.

Majestic Bird Cages

Many retirement home owners choose Majestic, furniture-style bird aviaries. They can be customized in numerous woods and furnishes, like Oak, hard Maple, Cherry, and other custom woods, with complimentary stain or paint options!

Hybrid Bird Aviaries

Our Hybrid cage is an excellent aviary for retirement homes. Their popularity is mainly due to the vast amount of customizable options. Plus, your birds will have tons of room to fly, rest, and play with toys.

As our most versatile bird cage, you can select from acrylic or stainless-steel door and window panels, allowing you to see your birds clearly while providing proper ventilation.

Suncatcher Bird Cages

Although our Suncatcher retirement home bird cages are engineered specifically for the outdoors, they also work great for indoor use! Suncatcher bird aviaries for retirement homes are styled with wire gauges and are available in many sizes. You can also get glass panels installed in your Suncatcher enclosure in order to better see your birds.

Bird Aviaries for Retirement Homes

Bird Aviary Services

Serenity USA – Servicing Bird Aviaries for Retirement Homes

Need assistance with your retirement home’s bird enclosure? Custom Cages and our sister company, Serenity USA, work together to provide installation and ongoing cleaning and maintenance of the enclosure.

If you’re interested in these services, Serenity USA will provide:

  • The bird aviary or aviaries of your choice
  • Health inspection and care for the birds
  • Bird seed
  • Correct placement of the bird accessories as necessary
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the aviary and food/water dishes
  • Replacement of bird nests

Need Accessories For Your Birds?

If you need accessories for your retirement home aviary, Custom Cages provides adjustable shelves for stands, perches, play stands, cage backgrounds, casters, friendly feeder systems, pull-out floors, etc.

Bird accessories offer entertainment for your finches, parakeets, and other birds, while also giving them privacy and a place to rest.

If you are looking for a bird enclosure for your retirement home, contact Serenity today!

Hybrid Bird Cages
Majestic Bird Cages
Suncatcher Bird Cages