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A Classic, Furniture-Style Design

Looking for a nature-centric aviary design with plenty of viewing area? You’re looking for a Majestic® Bird Cage.

Each enclosure is made with a hardwood frame (Sustainably sourced Oak, Maple, Cherry, and more). It’s also fully lined with an aluminum frame to protect against wood chewing from the inside. And finally, large glass or acrylic windows make the habitat visible everywhere in the room.

Debris trays pull out without opening the enclosure’s door, something most of the competition doesn’t have. The Majestic® design also lets you store food, equipment, and cleaning supplies in a stand or canopy.

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Our Bird Cage Specials

Give your pet room to stretch! Just like all of our enclosures, you can customize the size, style, and accessories of your Majestic® Enclosure.

Keep reading to see our wood and color choices, along with many of our package specials!

Multiple Color Choices

  • Autumn cherry stain on hardwood
  • Natural oak stain on hardwood
  • Dark walnut stain on hardwood
  • Natural oak stain on hardwood
  • Black paint on Maple Wood
  • White paint on Maple Wood

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Learn more about our cage material options.

Majestic® Cages for Commercial Spaces

Looking to spruce up your office, waiting area, lobby, etc.? Contact us to learn about Majestic® Enclosures for healthcare and commercial facilities!

Learn more about our many custom options.

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Our Craftsmanship

25 Years Experience

25 Years Experience Bird Cage Making

Custom Bird Cage Experience Our head carpenter alone has over 25 years of experience building one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Custom Cages is the #1 producer of build-to-order bird, reptile, and small animal enclosures, building each unit one at a time according to the customers' needs. More Info

Hand Crafted in the USA

Hand Crafted Cages in the USA

Bird Cages Hand Crafted in the USA All of our wood, aluminum and stainless steel materials are made in the USA and all or our Majestic Bird Enclosures are hand crafted one at a time at our Neenah, Wisconsin facility. We pay special attention to detail with every piece, hand sanding every unit and fully assembling to ensure a perfect fit of all components for every bird enclosure before they leave our door. More Info

Precision Equipment

Precision Equipment

Precision Bird Enclosure Building Equipment All Majestic Enclosures are constructed in our own state-of-the-art woodworking facility, complete with digital readout equipment accurate to thousandths of an inch. These enclosures are not made in a part-time hobbyist's basement or garage but in a full-service facility with all there is to offer in technology to create strong joints, great finishes, and superior craftsmanship. This also allows us to create the high-quality pieces with far less lead time than the competition. More Info

Quality Materials

Quality Materials

Quality Bird Cage Materials We use only the best wood and other materials in our Majestic bird enclosures. Each bird cage comes standard with a solid oak frame, is fully lined with an anodized aluminum interior (not powder coated steel), comes STANDARD with crimp lock stainless steel wire (not welded or powder coated), and is made with materials bought from many suppliers close to our facility in northern Wisconsin. To learn more about our available materials, please visit our Material Info page. More Info

Durable, Pet Safe Finish

Durable, Pet Safe Finish

Durable, Pet Safe Bird Cage Finishes Each enclosure comes standard with your choice of one of our four colors of water based stains (safe for pets) or can have a custom stain applied to match your decor. Then, they receive 2 coats of a water based clear coat. Between each coat of stain and clear coat, the enclosures are hand sanded to give a high quality, classy sheen second to none. Once you run your hands across our finished pieces, you will gain a feeling of quality and confidence your birdcage is fully protected from the elements. More Info

Quality Customization

Quality Customization for Cages

Quality Bird Cage Customization Our carpenters and engineers have decades of experience building custom bird enclosures. We are fully confident that we can customize to your specific needs no matter how custom the project. The above enclosure was a custom piece made to match our customer's decor. Whether it be matching a color, a custom size, or a re-engineered design, we can meet our customers needs and at the same time not sacrifice on quality and turn it around quickly. More Info

Standard Features

Aluminum Interior

Aluminum Interior

All Aluminum Bird Cage Interiors All our Majestic bird cages are fully lined with an anodized (not powder coated) aluminum interior, GUARANTEED against wood chewing from the inside. More Info

Modular and Transportable

Modular & Transportable Cages

Modular and Transportable Bird Cages On average it takes about half an hour to put one of our Majestic bird cages together making it easy to disassemble to fit in a car or truck, fit through doorways or to go up stairs. Our sectional cages screw together in partitions, allowing you to put up or take down part of your cage to fit your needs at any given time. More Info


Expandable Cages

Expandable Bird Cage Systems One of the most frustrating aspects of purchasing an enclosure is trying to decide how large to get it. With our enclosures, you can purchase the size that is appropriate now and if your flock grows you can modify the size of your Majestic cage later without wasting your original purchase. Simply add another section to your enclosure and you have the new size you now need! More Info

More Custom Options

Hoods and Stands

Hoods & Stands

Bird Cage Hoods and Stands Adding a hood to any of our bird cages is an excellent way to add vibrant light to your cage without having to look at unsightly fixtures. Decorative hoods, like the one shown above, give a finished look to your wood bird cage, making it a centerpiece in your home. Stands are a great place to keep bird supplies such as food, toys and treats, and also elevate the cages to eye level. More Info

Feet and Legs

Bird Cage Feet & Legs

Feet and Legs For Your Bird Cage Feet and legs are available for all Majestic bird cage sizes. Some large sizes may require additional feet at an extra charge. Legs are not available for some larger size cages. Please call us at 1-800-941-2243 for details. Custom legs are available upon request. Casters are not available for feet or legs. More Info

Decorative Crown

Decorative Crown

Decorative Bird Aviary Crown Molding Finish your Majestic bird enclosure with our beautiful decorative crown accents for the top of your cage! Great for hiding lights and adding to the look of your enclosure. More Info

Pull Out Floors / Trays / Liners

Pull Out Floors, Trays & Liners

Bird Cage Floors, Trays, Liners Our pull our floors and trays are made to easily remove from any bird cage with a stand, legs or feet without having to open the door of the cage! (a feature most of the competition doesn't have). The trays are made of an extruded aluminum frame and aluminum laminate bottom to make them easy to clean and safe from the elements. Our pull out floors can come with many wire opening sized making it impossible for your bird to get to the mess in the tray. You can either use the track provided to keep the tray off the ground and allow for storage under your birdcage, or set your tray on the ground to provide extra room between your floor and your tray. Disposable pull out tray liners are also available to make cleanup a breeze! More Info

Removable Dividers

Removable Dividers

Removable Bird Cage Dividers Our removable dividers can be added to any Majestic bird enclosure. The dividers easily remove from the front of the cage and you can use as many as you wish to divide your enclosure. More Info

Cage Covers

Cage Covers

Hand-Made Birdcage Covers custom-size cage covers provide a dark and secure environment for promoting sleep for any animal. Made of a durable, light-weight non-toxic poly-cotton fabric, our cage covers are machine washable. Our covers are specifically made for our Majestic bird cages, and are custom-fit yet leave ample room to add our external features such as Friendly Feeders and seed catchers. More Info

Custom Backgrounds

Custom Backgrounds

Custom Image Backgrounds These images are even more stunning in person than in our pictures. Images are printed, laminated to the back of your cage, and covered with a durable, protective clear material for moisture, scratch and UV resistance (prevents fading). Images are extremely high resolution and will be cropped to fit the back of your cage perfectly. Over 40 backgrounds to choose from, or have your own custom image printed for your Majestic bird enclosure. More Info

Friendly Feeders

Friendly Feeders

Friendly Feeders Friendly Feeders prevent escape when feeding your birds, and are externally mounted to eliminate waste and cross contamination of food and water. Easy to clean and extremely durable, Friendly Feeders stand up to even large destructive birds such as Macaws! Simply slide out the dish from the outside of the cage to replenish food, water or treats. Dishwasher safe! More Info

Seed Catchers

Seed Catchers

Bird Cage Seed Catchers seed and aggregate catcher system can be clipped to any birdcage panel with 1/2" wire or larger. Debris falling within 4" of the cage will be collected into the seed catcher, then simply unclip the catcher from the cage to dispose of waste. Seed catchers are sold by the foots and are cut to length for your cage panels. More Info

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