MB09 Bird Cage 72″H x 48″L x 24″D

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$5,640.89 $5,232.09

All Majestic Bird and Reptile Cages, Hoods, and Stands come standard in solid hardwood material with one of four stain colors or finished with Black or White paint. Please note that painted colors will not show wood grain as much as the stain choices. Other custom wood, stain, and paint combinations as well as other wood types such as Cherry, Walnut, etc. are available for an extra charge. Please give us a call and we would be happy to explain your options.

An amazing setup allows large birds to extend their full wingspan and gives an excellent view. Optional pull out trays allow you to clean up messes with ease, and the seed catcher reduces food or aggregate from creating a mess outside the cage. Great parrot cage for medium to large-sized birds like Eclectus, Macaws, Cockatoos, and African greys.

Hoods, stands, legs, feet, dividers, and many other options are available with most Majestic™ packages. If you would like to customize your package, please call 1-800-941-2243 to get a quote or to order. Some assembly is required.

All Majestic orders must be custom quoted for shipping and handling: Online S/H prices will not be accurate. We will contact you with a final quote for approval before charging your card.


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Please contact us for additional customization options and pricing!


Package includes:
  • Solid Hardwood Frame Stained to Your Choice of Stain Color
  • Hardwood Back panel Stained to Your Choice of Stain Color
  • Black Granite Bottom
  • Acrylic Front
  • 1" x 1" High Grade SS Wire Sides/Top
  • All Aluminum Interior
  • Secure Door Lock


Package includes:
  • All basic package features
  • 6" Feet
  • Pull Out Tray System B
  • Removable Floor System w/ 1" x 1" SS Wire
  • Seed Catchers for Sides


Package includes:
  • All basic and deluxe package features
  • 2 Replica Rock Shelves*
  • 1 Replica Basking Ledge*
  • 3 47” Ribbonwood Perches
  • 1 Swing N Play
  • 2 Friendly Feeder Systems
  • 2 Friendly Feeder Perches
  • 1 72” Formable Rope


Package includes:
  • All basic, deluxe and complete package features
  • 1 of 40 different image backgrounds
  • 9”H x 48”L x 24”D Hood (no door)
  • 12”H x 48”L x 24”D Stand (no feet)
  • 2 Dome Fixtures
  • 2 Full Spectrum Screw-In Day Bulbs
  • 2 Wire X-Guards
  • Cage Cover
FREE SHIPPING!!! Free Shipping is in the lower 48 states only. All other locations, please call for a quote. Other exceptions may apply. * NOTICE: Destructive birds may destroy Replica Furniture™. Other items of equal value may be substituted in complete combos.

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