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Wanting to spruce up sitting areas in your museum? Custom Cages can help! We have high quality, beautifully crafted museum bird aviaries that make the perfect visual attraction for your museum! Guests both young and old will enjoy flocks of finches or budgies at
play in one of our museum bird cages!

When searching for bird aviaries for museums, you will need to find a quality cage or cages that will safely contain your birds while also being appealing to the eye. The quality of the museum bird cages provided by Custom Cages is unmatched on the enclosure market today. Please give Custom Cages a call and we will be happy to assist you with selecting the perfect bird cages for museums!

Museum Bird Aviaries

While visiting the various exhibits at your museum, guests will be thrilled to find birds flying around in one of our bird cages for museums, creating a serene atmosphere in your hallways, resting areas and in-between exhibits. As visual presentation is so crucial
for museums, our museum bird cages make the perfect addition because of their quality, furniture-style appearance or ability to neatly stack our Hybrids side-by-side for a stunning visual presentation.

Majestic – Bird Cages for Museums

Museum bird aviaries can come in the furniture-style. At Custom Cages, our wood enclosures go by the name Majestic Easily a popular choice because of the versatility of wood choices and furnishings, these
museum bird cages can come in Oak, hard Maple wood, Cherry wood and other custom woods.

Hybrid – Bird Aviaries for Museums

Pictured in the image here are numerous Hybrid museum bird cages stacked together. At Custom Cages, there is really no limit to how you want your enclosure designed. Our museum bird aviaries look fantastic in the Hybrid cage type, and birds have lots of room
to fly and thrive in these enclosures! As the most versatile of our museum bird cages, you can select from acrylic or stainless steel door and window panels, ensuring you get a clear view of your birds while also providing proper ventilation for them to breathe. Also
as pictured, our enclosures can come with a graphic background that is UV protected and laminated to protect from fading and wear. These graphic backgrounds can come with brilliant images of your choice, and with over forty options available, your museum bird aviaries
can come with designs such as a misty forest, waterfall, creek, and more!

Should your bird family expand or if you ever are looking to add in more birds, we provide options for adding either stackable options vertically or horizontally side-by-side. This provides additional room for your birds to fly in, as well as separating any breeding pairs.

Suncatcher – Bird Cages for Museums

Although our Suncatcher museum bird cages are made with the great outdoors in mind to withstand sun and elements, they also make a great indoor choice as well! Suncatcher bird aviaries for museums are perfect for indoors, styled with wire gauges and available in 4-foot to 12-foot diameter sizes! Many other cage shape styles are also available.

In addition, our Suncatcher bird cages for museums do have options for glass or acrylic panels as well in order to easily see your birds.

Bird Aviary Services

Serenity Aviary Services – Bird Aviaries for Museums

If the staff at your museum is too busy to install the museum bird cages, or have little time to feed the birds in the cage, we can help! Custom Cages partners with our sister company, Serenity Aviary Services to provide installation and maintenance services for your bird aviaries for museums.

Serenity Aviary Services and Custom Cages can provide the following museum bird cages’ services:

  • The museum bird aviaries or aviary of your choice
  • Health inspection and care for the birds
  • Bird seed
  • Correct placement of the bird accessories as necessary
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the aviary and food / water dishes
  • Replacement of bird nests

Looking for bird accessories for your museum bird cages? We can provide those too! Our museum bird cages’ accessories include adjustable shelves for stands, perches, play stands, cage backgrounds, casters, friendly feeder systems, pull-out floors and trays, and more! Although our bird accessories provide decorations for your enclosure, they are also great for entertaining your birds, as well as giving them places to seek privacy.

Let us know how we can help you select your bird aviaries for museums. Please shop our museum bird cages or if you have any questions, please contact us for more details. Our museum bird cages are a beautiful attraction, making your guest’s museum experience even more memorable!

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