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At Custom Cages, we provide the highest quality doctor’s office bird aviaries that you will find on the market! We are committed to quality cage-making and have years of experience working in the industry. With advanced engineering and a beautiful furniture-style appearance, our bird aviaries for doctors’ offices will add the perfect touch to your office or waiting room and will delight patients of all ages!

Doctor’s Office Bird Aviaries

Coming in the brands Majestic, Hybrid or Suncatcher, our clients choose the style that will best suit them and the species of bird they envision for their cage. Each of these styles of doctor’s office bird cages can be customized for any size, height or style that your prefer.

Majestic – Doctor’s Office Bird Aviaries

Majestic bird aviaries for doctor’s offices are exactly as the name implies — Majestic. These furniture-style enclosures can be designed with any wood or finish that you would like, including: Autumn Cherry Stain on Oak Wood, Black Paint on Maple Wood, Natural Oak Stain on Oak Wood, Dark Walnut Stain on Oak Wood, Natural Oak Stain on Oak Wood, White Paint on Maple Wood, and more.

Hybrid – Bird Aviaries for Doctors’ Offices

Our Hybrid doctor’s office bird cages are called Hybrid because they are extremely customizable. The doors on our doctor’s office bird aviaries are clear acrylic to get a beautiful view of your birds. The top and sides of the Hybrid cage can optionally come as stainless steel wire or acrylic. The back of the doctor’s office bird cages can come in a plain laminate or with a custom background. If you choose a custom background, your birds’ brilliant colors will be offset by a beautiful, ultraviolet-protected laminate background printed with a stunning graphic of a nature scene, such as a tall waterfall or a misty forest.

In addition, Hybrid bird aviaries for doctors’ offices allow for stacking enclosures or for adding dividers or cage add-ons as your bird family grows.

Suncatcher – Doctor’s Office Bird Aviaries

Our Suncatcher doctor’s office bird cages are designed for both outdoor and indoor purposes and are available in a variety of wire gauges. Suncatcher bird aviaries for doctors’ offices can even come with glass or acrylic panels to better see your birds. Likewise, Suncatcher and Hybrid bird cages for doctors’ offices can both come with casters, enabling the doctor’s office bird aviaries to be moved freely around the office or lobby when needed.

Bird Aviary Services

Serenity Aviary Services for Doctors’ Offices

The cage builders at Custom Cages take great care to manufacture each of our doctor’s office bird cages with close attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship when it comes to the engineering process. Whether you choose the Majestic, Hybrid, or Suncatcher, you can rest assured that the birds will not be able to bite their way through the interior of any of our bird aviaries for doctors’ offices.

With years of experience in the cage-making industry, Custom Cages provides exceptional customer service, whether it be crafting each of our doctor’s office bird aviaries with careful detail or answering any of our client’s questions. This includes the time after you receive your aviary — we can and often do assist with the maintenance and care of your birds/enclosure on a regular basis!

Custom Cages’ sister company, Serenity Aquarium and Aviary Services (Serenity USA), provides maintenance services on aviaries for doctors offices.

With this partnership, our team at Custom Cages helps the client for years to come, offering not only a cage, but also bird care, feeding, cleaning and sanitizing the aviary, and more!

Serenity Aviary Services will provide the following:

  • A custom aviary of your choice
  • Health inspection and care for the birds
  • Bird seed
  • Placement of the bird accessories as necessary
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the aviary and food/water dishes
  • Replacement of bird nests

In addition to the doctor’s office bird cages, we can also help with bird accessories. Adjustable shelves for stands, perches, play stands, and swings for your bird to sit, play or sleep on, cage backgrounds to give vibrant color, casters for ease of cage mobility, friendly feeder systems to provide clean feeding, pull-out floors, and trays to ensure cage cleanliness, etc.

Our accessories for doctor’s office bird cages not only decorate the interior of your bird cage, but also provide hiding places and entertainment for your birds.

If you are searching for doctor’s office bird aviaries for your office, waiting room, or lobby, check out our online store for the perfect Majestic, Hybrid, or Suncatcher enclosure! If you have any questions regarding our bird aviaries or routine aviary services, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our bird aviaries for doctors’ offices make the perfect attraction for any lobby or office, making your patients’ visit(s) a memorable visit!

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