Macaw Cages, Build Your Own Macaw Cage

Macaws are majestic birds. They are huge and imposing, yet graceful and dazzling in color. Every true parrot lover dreams of owning a Macaw at one time or another. And one of the biggest questions that comes to mind, is what type of birdcage is suitable for this royal parrot? Obviously you don’t want a simple stainless steel birdcage with no decorative features. That would be too dull.

At Custom Cages, we provide quick, simple way for you to configure your own custom macaw cages. Follow through the steps to customize your enclosure down to the very detail; from shape, height, panel amount, frame, inclusion of a safety catch, accessories and more! If you have any questions regarding your macaw cage configuration, give our professionals a call and we can provide additional information. We want to make sure that your macaw will feel happy in his or her new home!

While our Suncatcher cages are a popular choice for macaws and other bird species that need lots of space, please be sure to also look into our Hybrid and Majestic enclosures, which look stunning indoors, whether in your home, office or waiting area.

A large bird enclosure is definitely what you want for your macaw cages. In addition, you want your macaw cages to be elegant and look like they were made for royalty.

Stunning Macaw Cages

When it comes to macaw cages, there are 3 outstanding options. Just take a look.

  • The Suncatcher Birdcages. These roomy aviaries would make the perfect habitat for your macaws. There powder-coated frames and custom colors will add a stroke of refinement to your macaw cages.
  • The Hybrid Bird Cages. Durable. Tough and incredibly strong these birdcages are ideal for the beautiful, but also powerful macaw. Lets face it. An angry Macaw can flex, bend and break his birdcage in two if he so chooses. So for safety reasons, durability should be top on your list.
  • Finally, there are the Majestic Bird Cages. Each and every one of these parrot cages are handcrafted by highly skilled carpenters. Their furniture like appearance would make dazzling macaw cages.

Our custom macaw cages are built to your specifications. Whether you want a specially shaped configuration, such as a five-sided outdoor cage for one macaw or a large rectangular cage to house several macaws, our cage building professionals will work with you closely to configure you special macaw cage. Please reach out to Custom Cages with questions.

Shop Standard Macaw Cage Sizes

Please shop our existing line of standard macaw cages. The ones available here on our site are the most popular sizes and shapes, and additionally you can also purchase a safety catch to go with them. If you are looking for a more customized cage, please visit our configurator.

Not only are our cages popular, they also have a great reputation among zoologists, DIY enthusiasts, etc. Our macaw cages have been purchased by a number of zoos nationwide and have been featured on a number of TV shows. Our cages:

  • Were used By Jack Hanna and the Columbus Zoo
  • Appeared on the premier episode of “Queer for the Straight Guy”
  • Were seen on Extreme Makeover Home Edition
  • Were showcased on Fox’s reality TV show “Renovate my Family”

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re not convinced that these bird enclosures would make the perfect macaw cage…just wander over to the company’s testimonials page or see our Facebook reviews! You’ll be shocked as you scroll through pages of glowing reports from raving fans!

These cages have the quality, strength, style and the reputation you need for your macaw cages.

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