Macaw Cages

Macaws are colorful, intelligent, loyal, entertaining, and much more!

A bird so loveable deserves a home that it will love, too. But what does the perfect macaw cage look like?

We offer 3 primary styles of macaw cages: The Suncatcher, The Hybrid, and The Majestic.

Suncatcher Macaw Cages

These roomy aviaries are typically made with anodized aluminum frames and are perfect for outdoor use. However, you can choose paneling such as acrylic, laminate, glass, and more.

These cages can be as large as you want and we offer a variety of orientations, add-ons, and decor.

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Hybrid Macaw Cages

Hybrid Cages are meant to be displayed indoors. The outer panels are made of glass or acrylic, giving you more viewing area than any enclosure we offer.

Just like our Suncatcher enclosures, you can determine the size and materials of the enclosure, as well as any decor and equipment you need.

This design is a favorite for zoos, museums, and in-home displays.

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Majestic Macaw Cages

The Majestic is our furniture-style line, designed to blend seamlessly with any interior.

Our highly skilled carpenters handcraft each macaw cage to the needs of that customer, so whatever style you need, we have you covered.

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Customizing a Macaw Cage

Your enclosure will be built to your specifications because you’ll help us build it (virtually). Our carpenters and engineers work closely with each customer to configure the best macaw cage.

You can also design your macaw cage from the ground up with the Custom Cage Configurator!

You’ll decide on the size, shape, colors, materials, decor, and more for your custom enclosure.

Indoor bird cage with macaws inside

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Not ready to design your macaw’s enclosure? No problem.

Check out our existing line of cages first! Those available on our site are our most popular sizes and shapes. You can also add a safety catch to go with them.

Tried and True Design

Not only are our cages popular, but they’re also loved by zoologists, DIY enthusiasts, and bird owners young and old. They’ve also been featured in several zoos and TV shows:

  • Used By Jack Hanna and the Columbus Zoo
  • Featured on the premier episode of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”
  • Featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition
  • Showcased on Fox’s reality TV show “Renovate My Family”

To learn more about our customers’ experiences with a custom macaw cage, visit our testimonials page!

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