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If you are looking for hotel bird aviaries for your hotel lobby. Guests waiting to be assisted at the service desk will be captivated by the high-quality furniture hotel bird cages we provide.
These hotel bird aviaries can house dozens of small birds such as finches, or larger ones like lovebirds and macaws. To spruce up your hotel lobby today, just give Custom Cages a call and we
can provide you additional information about our bird aviaries for hotels!

When it comes to quality, our hotel bird cages cannot be compared to the rest of the market. Across the country, numerous zoos, nature preserves, museums, restaurants, assisted living and nursing
homes and dentist and doctors’ offices have all remarked how beautifully crafted and detailed our hotel bird aviaries are. The quality of our bird cages for hotels is unmatched.

Hotel Bird Aviaries

When guests stay at your hotel, what could be a more exotic option for decorating your waiting area than with a bird cage? At Custom Cages, we provide hotel bird cages in three unique
varieties, the Majestic, our furniture-style bird cages for hotels, the Hybrid, our most easily customized enclosure, and the Suncatcher, the indoor / outdoor cage!

Majestic – Hotel Bird Aviaries

If you are searching for furniture-style hotel bird cages, Majestic bird aviaries are the best choice for you. Our Majestic bird cages for
hotels are available in numerous types of wood styles, including Oak, hard Maple wood, Cherry wood and other custom woods. Because of the high-quality wood and finish styles, these enclosures are
especially a good choice for hotel lobbies. Children, parents and seniors alike will be fascinated by birds thriving in their spacious habitat. Because of the years of experience in engineering the
proper frame for our cages, you can rest assured that birds will stay safely inside while not harming themselves or damaging the hotel bird aviaries by attempting to bite or peck through the walls of the enclosure.

Hybrid – Bird Aviaries for Hotels

If you are looking for a more customized option, than our Hybrid hotel bird aviaries are the best available option. As the most versatile of our
hotel bird cages, you can choose from acrylic or stainless-steel door and window panels, to not only get a clear view of your birds, but also provide proper ventilation for them to breathe. In addition, there are options to have a plain laminate background or custom laminate background, sprucing up your hotel bird aviaries’ appearance. Our custom laminate backgrounds feature a beautiful
graphic depicting a misty forest, grand waterfall, windy desert, and more!

Additionally, our customers can choose which materials are used for these hotel bird cages, and there are even options for stacking the bird cages for hotels or placing dividers as necessary for when your bird family expands.

Suncatcher – Bird Cages for Hotels

Our hotel bird cages are not exclusively used for outdoor purposes — Suncatcher bird aviaries for hotels are also perfect for indoors and are available in a variety of wire gauges and sizes. In addition, our Suncatcher hotel bird aviaries even have options for glass or acrylic panels as well in order to better see the birds inside.

Bird Aviary Services

Serenity Aviary Services for Hotels

If your hotel staff is too busy to install hotel bird cages, or has little time to feed the birds in an enclosure, Custom Cages can assist! We, along with our sister company, Serenity USA, provide installation and maintenance services for bird aviaries for hotels. Serenity USA also includes aquarium services, having over a thousand service accounts in over 14 states.

Serenity Aviary Services will assist with providing the following services for your aviary:

  • The hotel bird aviaries or aviary of your choice
  • Health inspection and care for the birds
  • Bird seed
  • Correct placement of the bird accessories as necessary
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the aviary and food/water dishes
  • Replacement of bird nests

If you are also looking for accessories for your hotel bird cages, Custom Cages and Serenity Aviary Services can also help. Our hotel bird cages’ accessories include adjustable shelves for stands, perches and play stands, cage backgrounds, casters, friendly feeder systems, pull-out floors, and trays, etc. In addition to our bird accessories decorating your enclosure, they also provide your birds with places to play and sleep.

If you are looking to purchase bird aviaries for hotels, please shop our hotel bird cages. If you have questions, please contact us for more details. Our bird aviaries for hotels are an excellent attraction in any lobby area, making your guest’s hotel experience even more memorable!

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