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ParrotsRUs Custom Cages Aviaries

Luoann at ParrotsRUs (Instagram and YouTube) chose Custom Cages to build Hybrid and Suncatcher aviaries for her flock. She is the proud owner of Prince, the Toco Toucan, Hannibal and Curacao, the Hyacinth macaws, Versace, the Harlequin macaw, Kramer, the African Grey parrot, and Maui, the Black Palm Cockatoo.

For many years, Custom Cages has been a reliable resource for many pet owners and hobby enthusiasts. Our enclosures include our Suncatcher (as shown in this video), Hybrid (as shown in this video), and Majestic. Our suncatcher enclosures are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, allowing pets much room to play, eat, sleep, and explore in their environment, all while keeping them safely contained. As Luoann mentions in the video, all the materials we use for our bird enclosures are pet safe.

Megan Catio Testimonial

Megan was worried about her cats getting outside and into trouble, so she bought them a Suncatcher Catio.

Custom Cages provides high quality cat cages to ensure your feline friends stay enclosed within a safely contained environment. As shown in the video, Megan purchased a SunCATcher cat enclosure, or “catio,” which she keeps on her porch, and also a Freedom connector tube, which permits her cats to safely run from inside the house and outside into the enclosure.

With a SunCATher cat enclosure and Freedom connector tube, you can now have a peace of mind knowing that your cats are safe, with all the freedom they want to go outside! Contact us today to get started on your own configuration.

Rockstar Rocky’s Custom Enclosure

When the Barker family needed a large enclosure for Rocky the Cusban rock Iguana that would also complement their home, they chose a Custom Cages Hybrid Reptile enclosure.

For several decades, Custom Cages has been manufacturing high quality iguana enclosures and reptile cages for hobbyists interested in pet keeping. Iguanas need lots of space to roam, so if you are looking for a way to keep your animal thriving, you may want to consider upgrading to a bigger enclosure, similar to the Barker family’s enclosure as shown in this testimonial video.

These beautiful enclosures are highly customizable and are also suitable for birds and small animals. Stop by our online configurator to get started on your own custom build, or give our cage experts a call today.

Brandi’s Vision VersaRacks

Brandi is growing her reptile hobby into breeding ball pythons, and she has chosen the Vision VersaRack as the enclosures for her snakes.

Custom Cages is the owner of Vision Racks & Cages. We make versatile, stackable reptile, rodent, mammal, and snake cages, racks, tubs, and bowls. Our snake cages, racks and tubs come in many sizes for breeding purposes. They are easy to maintain and feature built-in ventilation, so your snakes and other reptiles, mammals, or rodents have the proper breeding environment. These stackable racks and cages are truly the best reptile breeding systems available on the market.

Please order your Vision rack online, or get in touch with the cage and rack experts at Custom Cages today!

Murphy’s Hybrid Enclosure

Murphy the green iguana lives in a Custom Cages’ Hybrid Reptile enclosure.

For several decades, Custom Cages has been proud to provide many hybrid enclosures for reptile owners like Charles. Our hybrid reptile cages. Our cage experts chose the name Hybrid® because it perfectly describes our reptile enclosure system. Instead of conforming to one particular type of enclosure, we pick the best materials for each function. For example, the doors and side panels on our standard reptile tanks and reptile enclosures are designed with a clear acrylic so you can easily view your reptile, the back is laminate or a custom background to give the enclosure a professional, classy appearance, and the bottom and top also come standard in our laminate material.

Beth’s Hybrid Bird Cage

Beth needed a custom bird enclosure for her parrot and conure, she turned to

“My name is Beth, and I designed this cage for my conure and my parrot. Because I wanted something where they could have a little bit better view of the world around them.”

Beth’s enclosure is a custom design Hybrid bird cage with a removable tray in the bottom, and a removable divider in the middle. The front doors and back of the cage are acrylic panels, giving the birds an unrestricted view of the world outside, and Beth a clear view into the cage.

Davis’ Bioactive Ball Python Enclosure

Davis has two Hybrid Reptile enclosures, one of which is a bioactive vivarium for his ball python. Check out Davis’ YouTube Channel:

“Hello everyone, I am YouTuber with a lot of pets, and love talking about them. I can’t wait to connect with other animal lovers.”

Davis is passionate about pet keeping – from Leopard Geckos, to Ball Pythons, to lovebirds, to fish. The lower level of his Hybrid enclosure is a leopard gecko setup.

Brackett Town Farms

“Brackett Town Farms is a special place here people with special needs can go to have peaceful, positive and enriching interactions with animals.”
– Nichole Toney –

The cage behind Nichole is an 8′ diameter sun catcher with safety catch to keep the birds from leaving the cage.

the cage provided by Custom Cages provides a safe enviroment for the animals but also a safe place for the vistors of Bracket Town Farms to have hands on time with the animals.

Bracket Town Farms is located 30 minutes from Asheville North Carolina

Krista’s Vivarium

“Krista keeps two female crested geckoes in a Custom Cages Hybrid H2 Reptile enclosure set up as a bioactive vivarium.”

Kristas vivarium behind her supports her two christend geckoes and is a bioactive environment for them to live in.
The vivarium is on of Custom cages hybrid H2 reptile enclosures that stands 36″ high by 36″ wide and 24″ deep with a black granet finish.
Krista really wanted a cage that is very customizable and that could fit in a small enviroment. With the few days research that Krista did she landed on this beautiful vivarium from Custom Cages.

Tamara & Jasmine’s Majestic Enclosure

Tamara purchased a Majestic reptile enclosure for her boa constrictor, Jasmine.

Here at Custom Cages, you will find that our high-quality furniture-style Majestic enclosures provide a great view to see your reptile thriving in their home! All our Majestic reptile enclosures are made of your choice of wood and finish style. Our choices of woods and finishes include Autumn Cherry Stain on Oak Wood, Black Paint on Maple Wood, Natural Oak Stain on Oak Wood, Dark Walnut Stain on Oak Wood, Natural Oak Stain on Oak Wood, and White Paint on Maple Wood. In addition, the enclosure features a fully lined aluminum interior and optional pull out dividers for if you house more than one animal.

Contact Custom Cages today to get started on your own reptile Majestic enclosure!

Chuck Horne’s Lizard Suncatcher w/ Safety Catches

Chuck Horne is using a 6′ Suncatcher enclosure with two safety fly catches to house his curly tail iguanas and knight anoles.

When configuring your own Suncatcher enclosure for your birds, cats, small animals, or reptiles, you have many shapes, sizes, and dimensions to choose from, depending on your needs. Our Suncatcher enclosures come in 4 foot, 5 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot, 10 foot and 12 foot diameter panel-sided enclosures, (as shown in Chuck’s video) and also rectangular configurations, available in different heights and dimensions.

If you are concerned about your animals escaping, we recommend investing in a Safety Catch, (also shown in the video). This prevents the animal from immediately escaping out into the open whenever the human owner accesses the door to the enclosure, so that the animal is safely contained between two doors.

Custom Cages’ Suncatcher enclosures are great for indoor and outdoor use alike, but are specifically fabricated to withstand the elements, so they are the perfect choice for any outdoor display. We have sold many Suncatcher cages to zoos, museums, nature centers, rescues, breeding facilities, etc. If you are interested in purchasing a Suncatcher enclosure(s) from us, please visit our online configurator to begin customizing your own, or give us a call should you have any questions and we will be happy to help walk you through the configuration process!

Wendy & Eric’s Suncatcher Bird Cage Testimonial

Wendy & Eric purchased two Suncatcher enclosures so that their birds can be safe and secure outside.

Our Suncatcher bird enclosures and aviaries are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use, and our larger-sized cages are walk-in, comfortably allowing the human owner to stand inside and interact with their birds!

Custom Cages’ Suncatcher enclosures for birds allow for easy cleaning and are fabricated with a sturdy, welded construction. (Powder coated welded steel wire mesh with hinges to attach all panels. Makes every panel interchangeable!)

In order to prevent your beloved birds from flying away, Custom Cages has also engineered the safety catch to be added to your Suncatcher enclosure!

Since our beginning, we have been dedicated to providing pet owners and commercial breeders alike with attractive, quality environments for their pets and livestock at affordable prices. We definitely believe that more is better when it comes to cubic footage for animal environments. You will not find a more attractive, versatile, spacious, or quality outdoor bird cages anywhere else! These huge walk-in friendly bird aviaries come in a variety of wire gauges and sizes, come standard with 1” x 1” x .120” powder coated wire with many other panel options available, are weather-resistant and easy to assemble! You and your feathered flock will love the features our Suncatcher bird cages and enclosures have.

Danny Mendez’s Testimonial for Vision Cage Model 222

Custom Cages’ Vision cages for snakes, reptiles and small animals is one of our newer additions to! In addition to cages, our Vision products also include racks, tubs, bowls and hides, and even cage replacement doors. We have various model sizes and shapes available for your needs, so whether you’re breeding or housing your snakes and other reptiles, you will have plenty of room!

Vision products available from Custom Cages include the Versa-Rack tub system, Vision Cages, tubs, bowls, and hides that are designed to meet the needs of snake, lizard and small animal breeders and pet owners. Vision racks and cages are safe, strong, dependable, versatile, and provide a solution for any enclosure need. Versa-Rack systems can be configured to hold tubs suitable for baby animals up to breeding adults, including boas and pythons. The Vision Cages available from are one-piece molded enclosures with sliding glass doors and features to permit lighting and temperature control molded into the shape of the cage. All Vision enclosures are stackable and save space. Vision products are manufactured in the U.S.A. with highest-quality materials and have been a trusted reptile breeding cage system for more than 20 years.

Suncatcher Enclosure Installation at Wildwood Wildlife Park

Wildwood Wildlife Park in Minocqua, WI is constantly expanding its collection of animals on display and the most recent expansion will feature several Suncatcher enclosures from! Custom Cages is proud to sponsor Wildwood Wildlife Park and help them to continue to improve the zoo by providing our quality enclosures for the park’s animal collections. There are already several of our cages on-site and we are in the process of building more.

Wildwood Wildlife Park in Minocqua, WI is a great destination for a day of fun! Custom Cages is proud to sponsor the park by providing enclosures for the animals, including this 12′ Suncatcher cage we are installing in this video.

Please shop our Suncatcher enclosures today! These are beautiful, durable cages for birds, cats and many other types of animals! Custom Cages serves zoos all across the nation, providing high quality Suncatcher, Hybrid, and Majestic cages for various types of zoo animals!

Stacie’s Chicken Enclosure

When Stacie went searching for a way to protect her chickens from predators, she found the Custom Cages Suncatcher enclosure to be a great solution.

Custom Cages’ enclosures are not exclusive to home pets–we also make cages that are suitable for farm life! Our Suncatcher enclosures, including our multi-unit cages, will make excellent enclosures for your chickens!

Custom Cages’ Suncatcher Enclosures® work great for zoos, humane centers, breeding facilities, rescues, private facilities and even chicken coops! The chicken enclosures and other kennels can have optional pitched or wire roofs (or both), wire floors, as well as many other custom options. They can be infinitely long and over 20’ deep, with many ways to configure divider scenarios and door placement. Enclosures come with stainless steel door handles that safely secure the doors and easily accept a padlock for additional security. Like any of our products, we have a vast range of cage customization options to suit your specific needs for your outdoor chicken coops! These chicken coops and chicken enclosures are great for many other types of animals, including various birds, cats, dogs, and much more!

Cages for the Denver Zoo

“We absolutely love the cage! We love the flexibility to be able to hang up the enrichment and for them to be able to move all the way from top to bottom in their enclosure. So thank you for your great design!”
– Emily – Animal Ambassador Keeper at Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo is a great place for the whole family to see and interact with a whole menagerie of animals from terrestrial, to aquatic and even Jurrasic. While you are at the Denver Zoo, take advantage of the incredible experiences provided through the outreach and education program housed in the Gates Wildlife Conservation Education Center.

The center is the home base for the Denver Zoo’s array of educational programs or people of all ages, presented by a dedicated group of staff and volunteers who are passionate about the Denver Zoo’s mission.

The Gates Center also houses the animal ambassadors that are the stars of the programming. is proud to play a part by providing them with safe comfortable enclosures.

The program’s parrots, Newbay and Azul, are housed in a ten-year-old CustomCages home that is still in great shape. Thai, the black rough-neck monitor lizard, is getting a new home in a brand new custom Sun Catcher enclosure that the stilled artisans at the Denver Zoo are customizing for the lizard.

Brian’s Majestic Chinese Water Dragon Cage

Brian purchased a custom Majestic reptile enclosure for his two new Chinese water dragons. This is Brian’s second CustomCages enclosure.

Our Majestic custom reptile cages offer more viewing area than ANY OTHER furniture-style reptile enclosure system on the market. All our Majestic custom reptile cages & reptile enclosures are made with a solid oak exterior frame (hard maple wood and cherry wood, and other custom woods available), and fully lined with an aluminum frame which protects them from moisture on the inside!

Our modular furniture-style reptile cage system allows you to get any size enclosure into your car or truck, through your doorway, around corners and up up stairways! It also allows for easy storage or shipping if you are not using your cage. You will not find wood reptile cages with this level of versatility anywhere else!

Thank you Brian! We appreciate your business!

Sam’s Hybrid Bird Cage

“I bought the cage is late August (2016). It is a very well constructed cage. It serves the purpose of keeping the bird safe and comfortable. It’s easy to clean and feed the bird.”
– Sam Freund

Spike is a 40-year old blue and gold macaw raised from a chick by Sam. Sam purchased a Hybrid bird cage (HB09 BIRD CAGE 72″H X 48″L X 24″D H3) in August of 2016.

This size cage serves parrots well the 72″H x 48″L x 24″D H3 bird aviaries allows large birds to extend their full wingspan. The acrylic front doors allow an excellent view, and they slide in both directions making them easy to clean. Optional pull out floors and trays allow you to clean up any birdcage mess with ease, and the seed catcher reduces food or aggregate from creating a mess outside the aviary.

Friendly Feeders allow you to feed your pet in a safe and sanitary manner without ever having to go into the birdcage. The H3 bird cages come standard with 1″ x 1″ Stainless Steel wire top and sides, acrylic front doors and a laminate back and bottom, but any of our panels can be made of any materials that we offer.

Our Hybrid bird aviaries also have countless options available! Add a hood to any of our parrot cages – an excellent way to add vibrant light to your aviary without having to look at unsightly fixtures, or add a stand – a great place to keep seed or bird supplies in our aviaries.

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