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Cages for the Denver Zoo

"We absolutely love the cage! We love the flexibility to be able to hang up the enrichment and for them to be able to move all the way from top to bottom in their enclosure. So thank you for your great design!"
- Emily - Animal Ambassador Keeper at Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo is a great place for the whole family to see and interact with a whole menagerie of animals from terrestrial, to aquatic and even Jurrasic. While you are at the Denver Zoo, take advantage of the incredible experiences provided through the outreach and education program housed in the Gates Wildlife Conservation Education Center.

The center is the home base for the Denver Zoo's array of educational programs or people of all ages, presented by a dedicated group of staff and volunteers who are passionate about the Denver Zoo's mission.

The Gates Center also houses the animal ambassadors that are the stars of the programming. is proud to play a part by providing them with safe comfortable enclosures.

The program's parrots, Newbay and Azul, are housed in a ten-year-old CustomCages home that is still in great shape. Thai, the black rough-neck monitor lizard, is getting a new home in a brand new custom Sun Catcher enclosure that the stilled artisans at the Denver Zoo are customizing for the lizard.

Majestic Reptile Enclosure for 19 Foot Python

"I bought my beautiful cage for my 19-foot python from CustomCages. It's pretty much the best cage I could have bought."
- Leo Bitetto

Leo Britetto purchased a custom-designed Majestic reptile cage for Sunny, his 19-foot albino burmese python. The enclosure is unique in that it has a built-in soaking tub on one end. The entire cage measures 96"x60"x36".

All Majestic custom reptile cages come standard in solid oak wood material with one of four stain colors, or hard maple wood finished with black or white paint. Please give us a call and we would be happy to explain your options.

Give your pet room to stretch! One of our most popular reptile enclosures. There is plenty of room for even the largest lizard or snake to feel at home in this enormous enclosure. Like any of our reptile enclosures, a hood for lighting or stand for storage can be added and easily interlocked, even one cages this big! Optional casters make moving this huge enclosure easy to do. Our pull out divider option allows you to house multiple animals in any of our reptile cages. Our reptile enclosures make a great conversation piece not only for your home or office, but for pet stores, museums, nature centers, or zoos. An awesome attraction!

Brian's Majestic Chinese Water Dragon Cage

Brian purchased a custom Majestic reptile enclosure for his two new Chinese water dragons. This is Brian's second CustomCages enclosure.

Our Majestic custom reptile cages offer more viewing area than ANY OTHER furniture-style reptile enclosure system on the market. All our Majestic custom reptile cages & reptile enclosures are made with a solid oak exterior frame (hard maple wood and cherry wood, and other custom woods available), and fully lined with an aluminum frame which protects them from moisture on the inside!

Our modular furniture-style reptile cage system allows you to get any size enclosure into your car or truck, through your doorway, around corners and up up stairways! It also allows for easy storage or shipping if you are not using your cage. You will not find wood reptile cages with this level of versatility anywhere else!

Thank you Brian! We appreciate your business!

Sam's Hybrid Bird Cage

"I bought the cage is late August (2016). It is a very well constructed cage. It serves the purpose of keeping the bird safe and comfortable. It's easy to clean and feed the bird."
- Sam Freund

Spike is a 40-year old blue and gold macaw raised from a chick by Sam. Sam purchased a Hybrid bird cage (HB09 BIRD CAGE 72"H X 48"L X 24"D H3) in August of 2016.

This size cage serves parrots well the 72"H x 48"L x 24"D H3 bird aviaries allows large birds to extend their full wingspan. The acrylic front doors allow an excellent view, and they slide in both directions making them easy to clean. Optional pull out floors and trays allow you to clean up any birdcage mess with ease, and the seed catcher reduces food or aggregate from creating a mess outside the aviary.

Friendly Feeders allow you to feed your pet in a safe and sanitary manner without ever having to go into the birdcage. The H3 bird cages come standard with 1" x 1" Stainless Steel wire top and sides, acrylic front doors and a laminate back and bottom, but any of our panels can be made of any materials that we offer.

Our Hybrid bird aviaries also have countless options available! Add a hood to any of our parrot cages - an excellent way to add vibrant light to your aviary without having to look at unsightly fixtures, or add a stand - a great place to keep seed or bird supplies in our aviaries.

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