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Hybrid Bird Cage Testimonials

Please read below to see what some of our happy customers have to say about their new Hybrid Bird cages from CustomCages. 

"Our sugar gliders love their Custom Cages cage.  Here are some of them with me in 2009 and a photo of their cage."

Jennifer C.
June 19, 2012

Kind Regards,

Mar 30, 2012

I have a cage from CagesByDesign that is 15 years old and it is still beautiful. I am happy with my purchase and they always are helpful with adding new accessories or updating lighting and ventilation."

Georgeann G.
Jan 3, 2012

“Hey Miranda,

Thank you guys for selling a VERY handy cage.  Thanks for all your help!”

Blake S.
July 14, 2011

Hi Hannah!

Thought you might enjoy seeing photos of the aviary. Eric had no problems putting it together. It was pretty straight forward. And, because of a very strong upper vent the size of the wire panels was perfect. Any thing larger would have created too much of a draft in that area. Of course the birds love it. And the neighbors have enjoyed seeing it. Think it looks great!


Kathy M.
June 26, 2011

"I have ordered your Friendly feeder kits for my birds. My husband installed them in our current bird cage. They are a lifesaver as far as helping keep the mess in the cage and not in the floor. Expensive, but well worth it!"

Kathy R.
Dec 23, 2010

"Great communication and service."

Kathryn T.
Google Checkout
Sep 17, 2010

"Glad to know it's super easy to come back and buy accessories for my birds cage!"

Alison F.
Google Checkout
June 23, 2010

"Knowing the quality of your cages (I bought a 3'x2'x3' several years ago and love it), I just can't wait to receive the new one. My nine little budgies can't wait either. Have a great day.

Kindest regards,"

Phyllis K.
May 26, 2010
72" x 48" x 24" Hybrid H3 Bird Cage


I just wanted to tell you that we love the cage. Amy especially loves it. We had it put together in 1/2 a day. No problems when you read the instructions. Thank you for all your help."

Lou Ann M.
May 14, 2010
72" x 96" x 36" Ultimate H3 Hybrid Bird Cage

"Dear Hannah,

Thank you for the order. Everything is finally assembled and already my parakeets have almost stopped giving me dirty looks. Please thank everyone for a fine quality product and service."

Scott M
Jan 24, 2010

36" x 36" x 24" Hybrid H2 Bird Cage

"Here is the picture of our cages the big one has our African Grey Smokey in it and the smaller cage we just bought has our Illiger Macaw in it his name is Skittles. I must say we love both cages very much Skittles has taken to the new cage right away. Your cages are the best easy cleanup and no messes like other cages. The cage was pretty easy to put together but the instructions could be a little better but once you build the stand the rest is easy. Also customer service was great a part was missing and they shipped it out right away. Hannah thanks for all your help we would always recommend Custom Cages to anyone who has a parrot."

Thanks so much,"

Lewis & Alice W.
Sep 16, 2009

Macaw Cage, Beautiful Greenwing Enclosure Greenwing Macaw Cage African Grey Cage
Beautiful African Grey Cage Hybrid Macaw Cage
36" x 36" x 24" Ultimate H2 Hybrid Bird Cage

"Her name is Jujuba.

I purchased the feeder to go on her existing cage because she's so cage territorial!"

Sep 10, 2009

Eclecus Cage, Friendly Feeders

Friendly Feeder

"I bought 2 cages from Custom Cages and I simple adore them.  My cages are a few years old now and are still in top condition like the day I purchased them.  Thank you so much for your beautiful cages!"

Kellie M, 
May 13, 2009

36" x 24" x 18" H2 Hybrid Bird Cage and 24" x 48" x 18" H2 Hybrid Reptile Cage

Great great seller!! Best prices, communicated every step of the way. Gave me a great discount and shipped FAST!! I will buy all my future cages from this vendor"

Kimberley K.
Google Checkout
Dec 11, 2008

"My new cage is everything I expected. The quality and strength of the materials allows my Umbrella Cockatoo (born to destroy) the freedom to play safely all day and have enough room to flap her wings and not hurt herself. Much to my surprise the assembly was exactly as you said: two people about 3 hours with using only an Allen wrench (supplied by you). I recommend your cages to every bird enthusiast I see."

December 26, 2006

Cockatoo Enclosure, Huge Cockatoo Cage

60" x 48" x 36" Complete Hybrid Bird Cage H3

"The cages are absolutely beautiful and are so much more like their natural habitat. To top it off the customer service received from CagesByDesign was outstanding. The girls only came home 3 days ago. . . and they have settled into their new home (cage) already. I would recommend these cages to anyone, they are worth every penny."

Lindsey R.
December 20, 2006

Lovebird cage

60" x 48" x 24" Complete Hybrid H3 Bird Cage

"...just a quick note to say thanks to you and CagesbyDesign for the tremendous support during the ordering, installation, and followup service you and your company provided. This not only happened once, but also on our second order almost a year later. Your advice on the type of cage for our birds was right on the mark and the product quality was beyond our expectations. Your followup recommendations to reduce cage cleanup and maintenance was a lifesaver. Keep up the good work."

Galen & Debbie Reed, California
November 23, 2006

72" x 36" x 48" H3 Hybrid Bird Cage, 48" x 72" x 36" Complete Bird Cage and 72" x 96" x 48" Complete Bird Cage

"Hi guys. My name is Lucy, and I'm a 5-year old Congo African Grey. Mommy purchased my new CagesByDesign home back in August 2006. Due to my chicken-hearted tendencies (I even know how to cluck!), it took a few trials and tribulations before I felt safe in this grand new habitat. It was soooo big! And where did the bars at the front of my cage go? Well, having now been cured of my new-cage phobia, I've discovered that I can peak out at Mommy a whole lot easier through those acrylic doors! And Mommy loves gazing in at me! She swears by the Friendly Feeder system, which catches all of the food that I previously loved flinging onto the carpet from my old cage. Even when I'm not munching on my crunchies, I love sticking my head in there and talking up a storm. It makes my voice echo! We've gone through 3 (rather expensive for what they offered) bar cages, and we'll never go back. To my fellow feathered friends: tell the humans in your flock about CagesByDesign. The ingenious design and aesthetic appeal make a cage from CagesByDesign a decision, and an investment, that they (and you) will enjoy for years to come!"

Lucy at
December 4, 2006

Huge African Grey Cage African Grey Cage

60" x 60" x 36" Complete Hybrid H3 Bird Cage

"After I finally figured out how to put it together, it has been great! It is *a lot* less messy than my previous California Cage, which is the reason my husband and I purchased this particular cage. I can put the birds right in the office with me and it does not even effect my stuff (in terms of mess, dust, etc.)."

Jill S. B., Pharm.D., M.S.
June 23, 2006

Custom Bird Aviary

48" x 48" x 24" Deluxe H2 Hybrid Bird Cage

"Hi everyone! Our indoor aviary did go together quite nicely! It truly only took us about 6-8 hours to do it, but this was with breaks and also trying to identify the pieces, etc. Our babies love it. In the above photo are BooBoo, the African Grey; Sundance, the Patagonian Conure on the middle perch; Petey, the Greater Jardine, up on the toy on the side of the cage. Our son is having so much fun making them different toys, stringing different things in there for them to climb on, etc.... They all have a blast! The aviary in photos looks like it takes up a huge amount of space. It truly does not. It is only 4x4x6 and fits nicely between our family room and kitchen area. The reason I wanted the clear back be able to see from both sides. On their first trip into the aviary, Sundance was quite confused and yet elated by the "garden tub" he now has for a bath! He has now discovered this was meant for drinking water! BooBoo has also tried out the bathing in it! Again, they love it and we are so glad we did this! Darlene"

Darlene T.
February 27, 2006

Huge cockatoo cage

72" x 48" x 48" Deluxe H3 Hybrid Bird Cage

"We all love the new Birdy Condo! We had no problem getting the customized size cage we wanted, and it was a pleasure working with such super people. "Casper" our cockatoo, likes to throw water at you, when vacuuming is done near his cage, but now with the "friendly feeder" system no water makes it to the floor. Thanks for a cage we can appreciate for it's sound structure, affordablliity, ease of cleaning, comfortable bird environment and of course the museum quality appearance."


Joe & Sue M.
January 24, 2005

Custom Birdcages

48x42x30 Custom Hybrid H2 Bird Cage

"Hi Adam,

My name is Celest (Cellie for short). I am almost 2 years old and am an Eclectus parrot, and I want to thank Adam for being so helpful when my mom and dad came to choose a new cage for me. I have enough room in my cage and I have A LOT of room for all my toys also! And I heard my mom tell dad that it does not take her as long to clean my cage because of the "Friendly Feeders" so I keep my food in one area. And with the pull out trays on the bottom and my cage being on rollers my home is really GREAT!
You make great cages!

Thank you again!"
Amazing birdcages

48"H x 48"L x 24"D Hybrid H2 Bird Cage

"Attached are a couple pics just for fun. My Amazon absolutely loves it!"

Denise P.
March 11, 2004

Beautiful custom greenwing cage

48 x 48 x 24 Hybrid H2 Bird Cage

Below are Kizzy (blue and gold Macaw) and Snowy (Cockatoo). These are the birds the CagesByDesign team uses to make our products better. This is what their owner has to say "You guys make great cages and are great people to work with. You guys are always striving to be the best at what you do."
Macaw cage, cockatoo cage


We finished assembling our "double wide" and had to let you know that this is one magnificent enclosure!! For any bird owner you can not ask for better. Our two African Greys, Buster and Bodaceous have never been so well adjusted. I truly believe that your enclosure has enabled our birds to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Thanks so much,"

Todd & June O'Hara
New Jersey
April 28, 2003

huge flight cage

"I am a very satisfied customer. My Cage has far exceeded all expectations. The quality is excellent, I am very pleased with the appearance of the unit. Lots of room for six (6) cocktiels, they fly and spread their wings freely around the enclosed area. I wish to thank you again for a wonderful product. The cage is as advertised and more, assembly was good, parts fit together good. The acrylic doors are wonderful for viewing the birds and checking for possible problems. I am glad that I choose this product over other catalogs that I have received. Glad that I found the web site for this unit."

James C. B.
January 23, 2003

"Dear Adam,

I absolutely love the cage and best of all is my Greenwing loves it even more. It is so nice to view the bird through the acrylic front. The base and hood really set it off, especially with the light in the hood. It just illuminates everything so beautifully. I have the light on a remote control switch, which I highly recommend as it is very simple to turn it on and off.

At first 'Pistachio' did not know what to make of the acrylic. He took a piece of wood from one of his toys and hit the doors with it. He just could not understand why he could not walk through something that was not there. I thought that was pretty funny. I might write an article in 'Bird Talk Magazine' about Pistachio's first week in his wonderful new cage from Custom Cages. I think Fantasy Cages would be an even a better name.

I will send you some pictures soon. I just want to get the inside of the dream home looking just right.

So I'm very happy to see my Pistachio so very happy in his new environment. The only problem I have with the cage is now I think it need another Macaw to fill it up!!

All my best,

Frank B.
January 3, 2003

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