HB14 Bird Cage 36″H x 36″L x 24″D H2

$1,249.61 $1,170.00

$1,249.61 $1,170.00

Great small Macaw cages, Parrot cages, Parrotlet cages, or use as a Finch aviary or Conure cage.

Perfect 36″H x 36″L x 24″D H2 aviary for your small to medium birds like conures and parakeets. Shallow depth makes this great birdcage size practical in tight spaces. 3/4″ x 3/4″ Stainless Steel wire sides and top create plenty of air flow in H2 aviaries, while acrylic front doors allow for ample viewing in these bird aviaries – great for a Finch aviary so you have the maximum amount of viewing. The 24″ stand, (which comes in the Ultimate Package) elevates the aviary so that your Finch cage or Conure cage is at eye level both sitting and standing. Stands also neatly hold all your food and bird supplies, and hoods (which also come in the Ultimate Package) hide unsightly light fixtures and give bird cages a finished look. Like any of our aviaries, pull out trays, floors, removable dividers, and cage covers are available. Trays and floors make cleaning a breeze, and seed catchers collect any mess falling from the Finch cage. Add Friendly Feeders to any of our bird aviaries and you never have to go into the bird cages to feed your pets again! Great for Parrot cages, Parrotlet cages and Macaw cages, especially if you are out of town and someone else is feeding your birds.

Hybrid Bird Cage Information

Hybrid Bird Cage Materials

Hybrid Bird Cage Customization


Package includes:
  • 7/8" Aluminum Frame
  • Acrylic Front Doors
  • 1/4" Laminate Back/Floor Panels
  • 3/4" x 3/4" SS Wire Sides and Top
  • Secure Locking System


Package includes:
  • All basic package features
  • Pull Out Tray System A
  • Removable Floor System w/ 3/4" x 3/4" SS Wire
  • Seed Catchers for Sides
  • 4 Casters


Package includes:
  • All basic and deluxe package features
  • 2 35" Ribbonwood Perches
  • 3 Large Sand Blasted Grape Vines
  • 2 Hinged Hood Mini Friendly Feeder Systems
  • 2 30" Formable Ropes
  • 1 72" Formable Rope


Package includes:
  • All basic, deluxe and complete package features
  • 1 of 40 different image backgrounds
  • 12”H x 36”L x 24”D Hood
  • 24”H x 36”L x 24”D Stand
  • 1 Dome Fixture
  • 1 Full Spectrum Screw In Day Bulb
  • Wire X-Guard
  • Cage Cover
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