HB16 Bird Cage 24″H x 48″L x 24″D H2

$1,155.41 $1,081.00

$1,155.41 $1,081.00

Great Parrotlet cage or Budgie cage.

This small budgie cage or parrotlet cage is designed shorter and longer – 24″H x 48″L x 24″D H2 – to give smaller birds such as finches, budgies and parakeets room to fly from perch to perch as well as plenty of room to sit in a line as they often like to do. This size makes great sun conure cages too! Our new mini hinged hood Friendly Feeder (good for sun conure cages and cages with small to medium birds) lets you access your bird aviary without having to open the door which can give birds a chance to escape. Many hinged door and feeder options are also available for our decorative bird cages. Hoods and stands (comes with Ultimate Package) are great for hiding lighting and useful for storage of bird-supplies and food in any of our decorative bird cages. Stands also elevate your decorative bird cage to eye level, so that it can be seen both sitting and standing. Add a Pull out Floor or Pull Out Tray to your bird aviary to make cleaning a breeze, and add seed catchers to clean up any mess outside of any of our bird cages!

Hybrid Bird Cage Information

Hybrid Bird Cage Materials

Hybrid Bird Cage Customization


Package includes:
  • 7/8" Aluminum Frame
  • Acrylic Front Doors
  • 1/4" Laminate Back/Floor Panels
  • 3/4" x 3/4" SS Wire Sides and Top
  • Secure Locking System


Package includes:
  • All basic package features
  • Pull Out Tray System A
  • Removable Floor System w/ 3/4" x 3/4" SS Wire
  • Seed Catchers for Sides
  • 4 Casters


Package includes:
  • All basic and deluxe package features
  • 1 47" Ribbonwood Perch
  • 3 Large Sand Blasted Grape Vines
  • 2 Hinged Hood Mini Friendly Feeder Systems
  • 2 30" Formable Ropes
  • 1 72" Formable Rope


Package includes:
  • All basic, deluxe and complete package features
  • 1 of 40 different image backgrounds
  • 12”H x 48”L x 24”D Hood
  • 36”H x 48”L x 24”D Stand
  • 1 Dome Fixture
  • 1 Full Spectrum Screw In Day Bulb
  • Wire X-Guard
  • Cage Cover
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