Mini Friendly Feeder – Hinged Hood – 8″ x 7-1/2″


The hinged hood system allows you to access your cage without having to open the front doors. This is very useful for cages with many small birds where escape is a threat. Feeder comes with a pin to secure hood shut, or purchase a lock separately to prevent people or clever birds from opening. Hinged hoods and doors are interchangeable and can be purchased individually at a later date and swapped out (call for pricing). Hinged hood mini Friendly FeedersĀ®, hinged doors, or full sized friendly feeders can be swapped out at no extra charge when purchasing any of our complete special combos. The outer ring of the hinged feeder and hinged door use the same panel opening size as the full size feeder. This makes the hinged hood, hinged door, and full sized feeder interchangeable at any time without cutting a new hole in the panel. The fixed hood feeder has a smaller opening, so it is not interchangeable. Extra dishes are same as listed above.

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