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Add the ideal chicken runs to your chicken coop with Custom Cages Suncatcher brand chicken enclosures. Chickens are great egg producers with fresh air and space to move around. You can order multi-unit runs in any length for the exterior of your enclosure. Additionally, you can purchase a large open space chicken run so that your poultry can roam together when outside of their chicken enclosure.

Types of Poultry

Suncatcher chicken enclosures are ideal for:

  • chickens
  • turkeys
  • quail
  • ducks
  • geese
  • other fowl
Chicken Enclosures

Suncatcher Chicken Enclosures

Let Custom Cages Assist You with the Perfect Chicken Enclosure!

Multi-Unit or Large Run Chicken Enclosures

Maximize space and keep your chickens safe with any size or length of chicken run and enclosure you need. Custom Cages will meet your needs and provide the ideal access to your chickens. You can select a multi-unit chicken run or a large open range enclosure. The runs will protect your chickens from predators while outside of the chicken coop. They are spacious and accessible. You will find that you have plenty of room for cleaning your chicken coop and have access to harvest your eggs with ease.


Suncatcher chicken enclosures are durable and well designed. Custom Cages can design your Suncatcher chicken run with you to allow for optimal customization:

  • roof and floor options
  • length of run
  • door placement
  • divider configuration
  • door handles with security


High quality chicken enclosures are very beneficial in raising healthy chickens. In order to produce eggs, chickens need:

  • good ventilation
  • plenty of daylight
  • clean and dry coops and cages
  • generous space for nesting and roosting

Configure Your Chicken Enclosure!

Custom Cages is the premier leader in high quality chicken enclosures. Use the configurator feature to design your size and style of a safe and secure chicken run. You have options for multi-unit runs or open range enclosures for your poultry.

These high-quality metal runs are also perfect for other animal enclosures as well. For example, many customers configure a Suncatcher enclosure for their dogs, cats and birds too! Custom Cages will assist you in creating the perfect home for your poultry and other pets as well.

Configure Your Own Chicken Enclosure!

Custom Multi-Unit Chicken Enclosure