Bird Aviaries for Zoos | Custom Cages

Are you looking for high-quality zoo bird cages, engineered with cage configurations you can trust? Custom Cages has sold advanced engineered cages to zoos and nature centers across the nation for years, including:

  • Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL
  • Center for Avian Rehab and Education, Hubertus, WI
  • Chicago Zoological Society, Brookfield, IL
  • City of Aurora Zoo, Aurora, IL
  • Disney’s Animal Program, Lake Buena Vista, FL
  • East Maui Animal Refuge, Haiku, HI
  • Grant’s Farm (Anheuser-Busch), St. Louis, MO
  • Knoxville Zoo, Knoxville, TN
  • Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, IL
  • Make–A–Wish Foundation, Nationwide, Mana Project, Key West, FL
  • Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium, Miami, FL
  • Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, East Lansing, MI
  • Milwaukee Zoo, Milwaukee, WI
  • North Carolina Aquarium, Manteo, NC
  • Rhode Island Zoological Society, Providence, RI
  • Ringling Brothers Circus, St. Petersburg, FL
  • San Diego Wild Animal Park (San Diego Zoo), Escondido, CA
  • Santa Marie Valley Discovery Museum, Santa Marie, CA
  • Six Flags Great America, Gurnee, IL
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA
  • Six Flags Wild Safari Animal Park, Jackson, NJ
  • Underwater Adventures Aquarium, Bloomington, MN
  • Virginia Marine Science Museum, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Wings From Heaven, Homestead, FL
  • Zoological Society of Florida, Miami, FL

Bird Cages for Zoos

Any panel of your zoo bird cages can have aluminum laminate panels substituted for your standard panel. These panels feature a black coated aluminum on both sides with a PVC or ABS core.
Compared to our other cage-making competitors, our aluminum laminate panels on our zoo bird cages hold up extremely well in very wet conditions, and are also scratch resistant and light weight, while also being extremely sturdy. These are also stronger and lighter than our thermofused laminate panels.

It is highly recommended to use aluminum laminate whenever your bird cages for zoos are being used outside or in any other high moisture circumstances. Because the thermofused laminate comes in a better variety of colors and is much less expensive as it reduces the price of the cage itself, we do make laminate our standard and offer the aluminum laminate panel as an upgrade at an additional charge. These panels are available in only black.

Additional Information on Zoo Bird Cage Materials

Majestic Bird Aviaries for Zoos

A great choice for indoors, our a Majestic zoo bird cages are our furniture-style brand of cages. These are available in numerous types of woods, paints and finishes and are an excellent way to house bird of all sizes in your indoor centers. Although our bird aviaries for zoos are visually appealing, they also are hardy, and engineered to prevent birds from biting their way through the enclosure.

Our custom woods for zoo bird aviaries include Oak, hard Maple wood, Cherry wood and other custom woods.

Majestic Bird Cages

Hybrid Bird Cages

Hybrid Bird Cages for Zoos

Custom Cages chose the name Hybrid® because it perfectly describes our enclosure system. Our Hybrid zoo bird aviaries do not conform to one type of enclosure, but rather are designed based on materials needed. The doors on our standard Hybrid zoo bird cages are built using acrylic, while the top and side panels are stainless-steel wire mesh for your birds to get air flow. Meanwhile, the back of the cage features a plain laminate background or one with a beautiful UV protected graphic background to make your birds’ cage stand out visually. These bird cages for zoos can be customized in numerous ways, using the customers’ preferred choice of materials.

When it comes to adding on to bird cages, which is quite common in a zoo setting, due to breeding of species and separating flocks, Custom Cages has already thought ahead and spent years of engineering, looking into the best ways to design our Hybrid cages so that
they can be easily stackable, expanded or divided based on your needs. Should your bird family expand or if you need to add additional birds, we will provide options for stackable options in a vertical or horizontal fashion. The customization possibilities are
virtually endless, so please give us a call regarding customization, or please use our Hybrid configurator to begin building your Hybrid bird cages for zoos today!

Suncatcher Bird Cages for Zoos

Many zoos are avidly looking for bird aviaries for zoos that are engineered correctly and can be customized in numerous sizes. When it comes to outdoor bird enclosures, our Suncatcher zoo bird cages are made
with the great outdoors in mind to withstand sun and elements and can be built from 4-ft to 12-ft in diameter! We have huge configurations in rectangular and pentagon, hexagon, octagon-sided sided enclosures that are perfect zoo bird aviaries for keeping dozens of birds safely contained in. We have also built the safety-catch, which can be installed to link several zoo bird aviaries together or provide access to get into one aviary, keeping your birds safely inside the enclosure.

Concerned about whether guests will be able to see into the exhibit as well as they would with a Majestic glass or Hybrid acrylic bird cage? No problem! Custom Cages has designed our Suncatcher enclosures with the ability to have glass panels installed to replace
the standard stainless steel panels. This is a great option for being able to see the birds inside the exhibit.

Although Suncatchers were specially designed for the great outdoors, they are also great for indoor use as well.

Suncatcher Bird Cages