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If you are searching for bird aviaries for pet stores, Custom Cages can provide the high-quality pet store bird aviaries you are looking for. With years of experience and knowledge in the cage-making industry, our pet store bird cages are a
favorite with our clients! Bird cages for pet stores found anywhere else on the market cannot match the unsurpassed quality of our cages!

Through years of client feedback, all our core brands Hybrid Enclosures®, Majestic Enclosures®, Suncatcher Enclosures® (perfect for pet store bird cages’ use!) and Lifetime Aquariums®, are entirely engineered in house! In addition to our major cage and aquarium brands, we also have designed and engineered many of our feeding and filtration accessories, including innovations such as the Friendly Feeder®, H2Overflow®, Stealthbox®, Seamless Sump®, Siphon Stopper®, and others. At Custom Cages, we are dedicated to not only create quality pet store bird cages, but also to solve problems commonly found in the cage-making industry. Today, we now have 14 patents and over a dozen trademarks for our products.

Pet Store Bird Aviaries

Our customized pet store bird cages come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colors and are available in the unique brands of Majestic, Suncatcher and Hybrid.

Majestic – Pet Store Bird Aviaries

If you would like to showcase your birds in the most elaborate way possible, then we recommend our Majestic pet store bird aviaries! These beautiful furniture-style bird cages for pet stores will be manufactured with any wood or finish of your choice,
including Autumn Cherry Stain on Oak Wood, Black Paint on Maple Wood, Natural Oak Stain on Oak Wood, Dark Walnut Stain on Oak Wood, Natural Oak Stain on Oak Wood, White Paint on Maple Wood, etc.

Hybrid – Bird Aviaries for Pet Stores

A popular choice because of its ease of customization and ability to stack, add dividers and add side-by-side add-ons, these pet store bird aviaries are the most flexible choice — which is exactly why they are referred to as the “Hybrid.” These
versatile pet store bird cages feature acrylic doors and/or sides which are interchangeable with stainless steel wire for airflow. The back of these Hybrid bird cages for pet stores can come as a plain laminate background or a dynamic graphic depicting fascinating scenes such as a waterfall, forest and more!

Dividers and stackable options provide breeders with the ability to transform pet store bird cages into a multi-unit cage system to house many birds! In addition, the cage engineering is highly advanced to ensure not only the safety of
the birds, but also the longest-lasting capabilities of the pet store bird aviaries themselves.

Suncatcher – Bird Cages for Pet Stores

Our Suncatcher pet store bird cages, although designed to withstand outdoor elements, make the perfect choice as well for indoor use. A popular option for large and small birds alike, these magnificent wire pet store bird aviaries can even come with acrylic or glass panels for people to see into the enclosures better. For the smaller Suncatcher, as well as the Hybrid, we can add casters to the bottom of the pet store bird cages in order to make them easier to move around.

Custom Cages has years of experience customizing bird cages for pet stores, as well as for zoos, nature centers, humane centers, breeding facilities, rescues, etc. If you need to purchase bird aviaries for pet stores, please shop from our collection of Hybrid, Majestic or Suncatcher enclosures today! You can also feel free to contact us or give us a call for further questions or assistance. We will be happy to assist you with your bird cages for pet stores!

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