HO2 Outdoor Bird Cage 72″H x 96″L x 96″D H3

$9,305.75 $8,840.36

$9,305.75 $8,840.36

This enormous enclosure consists of 4 separate enclosures like seen above all connected into one big quad enclosure. These enclosures are walk in friendly and extremely durable. If your needs change, you can separate the 4 sections and convert into separate enclosures (additional panels may need to be purchased). Pull out trays and floors are also available, please call and talk to a customer service representative for details.


Hybrid Bird Cage Information


Hybrid Bird Cage Materials


Hybrid Bird Cage Customization


Package includes:
  • 1 1/2" Aluminum Frame
  • 1” x 1” SS Wire for all sides and top
  • 1” x 1” SS Wire Doors
  • Aluminum Laminate option can be substituted for any panel
  • Does not include a floor (available as an add-on)
  • Secure Locking System


Package includes:
  • All basic package features
  • Pull Out Tray System B
  • Removable Floor System w/ 1" x 1" SS Wire
  • Seed Catchers for Sides


Package includes:
  • All basic package features
  • 4 95" Ribbonwood Perches
  • 2 XL Love Swings
  • 4 Friendly Feeder Systems
  • 4 Friendly Feeder Perches
  • 1 96" Formable Rope


Package includes:
  • All basic, deluxe and complete package features
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