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Cockatiel Cages

Cockatiels are as cute as can be. They have plump gray bodies with a burst of yellow on their face and neck. Despite their attractiveness, they are not known for keeping their cockatiel cages in well order. Because cockatiels are relatively small in size, they don’t need an exceptionally large bird cage. But their birdcage does require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it smelling fresh.

Cockatiel Cages
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How to Clean Your Cockatiel Cages

When it comes to cleaning cockatiel cages, you’ll need the basics—water, cloths and some type of non-toxic cleaning solution. Wipe the bird cage down at least weekly. Be sure to disinfect the bird-supplies as well. This includes perches, water dishes and feeding equipment. A dirty parrot cage will only make your adorable cockatiel sick.

We all know that bird ownership is a big responsibility. And finding the time required to keep your cockatiel cages clean, can be a huge challenge. Consequently, you need to find a birdcage that is easy to sanitize.

The bird enclosures offered by Custom Cages are extremely simple to clean and maintain. All cages, including finch cages, canary cages and lovebird cages, come with a pullout tray to remove soiled bedding, fallen food and debris. Disposable liners also fit nicely in the bottom of these trays, so all you have to do is remove the dirty layer and throw it away. These cockatiel cages also have a pull out floor, which means you can crawl inside to scrub those hard to reach spots.

Quick Tip: Be sure to clean your cockatiel cages on a weekly basis. If you let waste pile up, it will harden, stink and be twice as difficult to clean later. Your cockatiel will be much happier with a sparkling clean bird cage that promotes his health.