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Frog tanks are designed to be the perfect habitat for your pet frog. Custom Aquariums and Custom Cages will help you discover the possibilities of creating your ideal frog vivarium. There are a variety of frog tanks and frog enclosures to suit your needs. Whether you are caring for Pacman frog or a red-belly toad, you can select the perfect frog enclosure.

Types of Frog Enclosure Habitats

  • Terrestrial: a dry frog terrarium with ventilation that allows for airflow and humidity
  • Aquatic: a frog aquarium for your African dwarf frog and other aquatic frog species
  • Arboreal: a frog terrarium designed vertically for your tree frogs and other climbing frogs

Paludariums: Half and Half Frog Tanks

Custom Aquariums also specializes in paludariums. If you are an advanced frog owner with Vietnamese Mossy Frogs, for example, these half land and half water frog tanks create just the right climate. Our modern paludariums go well with live plants that thrive in humid and wet environments. Well designed half and half frog tanks from Custom Aquariums include high-quality dividers and drainage. As a result, paludariums are safe and enjoyable habitats with live plants, land, and water features for your frog species.

Frog Tanks & Frog Enclosures

Custom Configure Your Frog Enclosures

Custom Aquariums and Custom Cages is the premier leader in high-quality frog tanks. Browse and select your size and style of aquarium or glass terrarium. You can choose from standard size tanks and aquariums or use the configurator feature to design the ideal home for your frog. Custom Aquariums and Custom Cages provide superior engineering. Thus, we will design the frog enclosure that suits your space and meets your exact specifications.

Jennie Lynx of Sold Gold Aquatics is a YouTuber and friend of Custom Cages and Custom Aquariums, and has purchased several of our tanks to keep frogs, fish and other animals. She is passionate about goldfish, amphibian, and reptile keeping, among others, and provides great information about the hobby. Watch her videos here for information and ideas for building frog enclosures.

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Order Custom Frog Tanks & Enclosures

You can have custom wood materials and finishes for stands and canopies when you configure a frog enclosure, creating your perfect frog vivarium. We also offer sliding doors on the top of the frog enclosure to easily access your frog. There are many features and benefits to ordering your custom frog vivarium.

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