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You’ve just brought your snake enclosures home and are ready to set them up for your new pets. The snake enclosures look so striking in the middle of your living room that your eyes glisten with pride. However, in order for your pet to enjoy his snake terrarium, you will need to create a homey environment. One way to spice up your snake tank is to insert rocks, tree limbs and plants.

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Creating Cozy Snake Enclosures

Whether your snake was bred in captivity or was caught in the wild, he’ll appreciate a snake tank that mirrors his natural environment. In order for your snake to feel secure he will need places to hide. You can place rocks or empty shoe boxes in your snake enclosures to provide your pets with this extra dose of security.

Ledges and tall rocks are also a good way for your pet to get some exercise. Since some snakes love to climb, consider an elevated basking ledge. Plants can make your snake cages look like a regular jungle. You don’t need too many plants to achieve this affect. If you are furnishing large snake cages, 3-4 plants will be sufficient. Smaller snake enclosures may only need 2-3 plants. Keep in mind that live plants may be difficult to maintain. Depending on the size of your snakes, they could easily trample and destroy your plants. As a result, artificial greenery is a much easier option.

Finding Accessories…

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