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Custom Snake Cages
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It’s not easy to find a pre-made enclosure for some snakes.

A female reticulated python, for example, can grow to around 20 feet in captivity and you probably won’t find a proper enclosure at the pet store.

These reptiles need plenty of space and you can offer that with a custom snake cage.

And you can start designing it today!

Visit our Custom Configurator and start crafting the size, materials, colors, and accessories for your snake’s new home!

You can save your progress and return at any time.

Build My Own Custom Cage!

Not ready to customize your snake cage? Explore our Hybrid Cage designs!

A Snake Cage Tailored to Your Needs

You get to choose …

  • The size: Do you need a 5 foot reptile enclosure? A 12 foot enclosure? No problem. Just give us your dimensions and we’ll build your snake tank to spec.
  • Panel material: While most of our enclosures come with acrylic panels, glass is also available. And if down the road you want to change your siding, simply order a new set of panels and slide them into your frame.
  • Accessories: Some of our accessories include backgrounds, rocks, plants, logs, feeding dishes, and moss.

How to Learn More

Visit our Custom Configurator or view our snake cages for more information.

If you’d like to call in an order or have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Our expert team will help you through the process so you get the custom snake cage you need.

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