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Large Snake Cages
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If you plan on housing a large python or other sizable snake, you will need several large snake cages. Your snake terrarium should be big enough for your pet to move around. You also need room for feeding dishes, water dishes, and furniture such as rocks, logs and plants.

The Hybrid snake cages are extremely roomy, with some models 72”H x 144”L x 48”D. These large snake cages are perfect for housing the bigger species…or if you simply want to provide your snakes with a spacious habitat where they can climb and slither to their hearts content.

Large Snake Cages Serve Various Purposes

The large Hybrid snake cages are perfect for the dedicated hobbyist who has a whole room to devote to his snakes. Or for the museum owner or retailer who wants to display a variety of reptiles in a fashionable manner. These snake terrariums come with an aluminum frame which protects against moisture, rust & corrosion. The panels are made out of acrylic, which is extremely tough and durable. A secure locking system is also included to keep pets in and intruders out. These large snake cages can also be fitted with castors so you can easily move them from place to place.

When it comes to finding quality cages at a reasonable price, Custom Cages is your top choice. They have decades of experience in the industry as well as a long track record of satisfied customers.

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